Clean Fuels Associates, Inc. provides a number of services that could be helpful in managing your fuel supply. From compliance testing to monthly maintenance, we make sure you don’t get red-tagged and get your fuel tanks back up and running properly.

Our services are now available on semi-annual, bi-annual and annual maintenance agreements. Contact us today and ask how you can save as much as 25% on your annual tank cleaning bills and lock in your price for the length of your agreement. These service plans can be customized from two to five years and include our 30-day guarantee so you can keep your mind focused on business and not worrying about your tanks.


Bad fuel is a bad look. Whether it is a fuel tank to supply your fleet, your building’s emergency generator or your gas station customers – your fuel needs to be clean and your tanks need to be up to code. Our fuel and tank maintenance services can help your business stay functional.


You rely on your home to provide shelter and warmth during the winter. One of the worst things that can happen on a cold winter night is to lose your heat due to a clog in your heating oil tank. Be proactive in the protection and maintenance of your home by getting your fuel tank tested and cleaned today.


If it’s been more than two years since your boat’s gasoline or diesel tank was cleaned, take action today. Don’t let dirt, algae, sludge and water clog your filters or injectors and prevent your fuel system from working.

Pump Off & Haul Away of Class 3 Hazardous Materials

Because not all fuel is salvageable we offer pump off services to dispose of any fuel that you cannot use. This includes gasoline, diesel and jet propulsion fuel. It is also optional to have this done following a Filter Flush so that you are sure your tank is clean upon disposing of the unusable fuel. LEARN MORE

Spill Kits for HAZMAT Class 3

Clean Fuels Associates, Inc. has prepared kits for small fuel spills. The kits are designed for such cases as a gas station customer accidentally over flowing their tank or a marina pump off spraying fuel outside the tank. These spill kits are available to commercial customers. LEARN MORE

Tank Installation and Removal

Our friends in the fuel industry are very versatile. We have close relationships with many vendors who can coordinate construction efforts to have the best solution for your fuel storage needs.

Tank Pressure Testing and Inspections

Clean Fuels Associates, Inc has affiliate companies in 23 states who are available to pressure test your tanks and perform state certified compliance maintenance.

Alternate Clean Energy Sources Research & Development

We are interested in leading the way into new cleaner energy sources. While we specialize in petroleum cleaning and environmental safety for Class 3 material, we also want to be sure to have alternate clean energy sources available in the future.

Fuel Deterioration

Your fuel is vulnerable to water contamination during transport and storage. Fuel changes hands and containers up to six times before it reaches the end user. All of this activity creates opportunity for water and microbes to get into your fuel.

Water is the enemy. Once you have water in your system, you are set for an invasion of microorganisms. All storage tanks must be vented to the atmosphere. This venting process pulls in outside air which contains humidity and airborne, microscopic bacteria and fungal spores. Since water is heavier than fuel, it collects under the fuel and forms an interface of fuel and water. Anaerobic (not needing air) microscopic bacteria spores attack the fuel/water interface, where they thrive and multiply. Once established, they entrench themselves in creating a thick layer of slimy deposits. Aerobic (needing air) bacteria and fungi also grow above the fuel surface, on the sides of the tank walls, pipe surfaces and filter housings. Left unchecked, microbial assault in these areas leads to accelerated pitting and corrosion.

Tank Services

Aboveground Storage Tank:

  • Installation
  • Removals
  • Repairs
  • Upgrades
  • Testing
  • Inspections

Underground Storage Tank:

  • Fill in place/Abandonment
  • Installation
  • Removals
  • Repairs
  • Upgrades
  • Testing
  • Inspections
  • Cathodic Protection Services

Fuel Maintenance

Fuel Filtration for Tanks 15 Gallons and up

  • ASTM Diesel Fuel Testing
  • D975 – Slate Test for D1 and D2
  • D1796 – Bottom Sediment and Water
  • D4969 – Bacteria and Fungus ASTM Gasoline Testing
  • D4814 – Slate Test
  • Biocide Treatment
  • Diesel Stabilizer Treatment
  • Emergency Filtration Services
  • Ethanol Introduction Preparation
  • Manned Entry Cleanings
  • Certify Gas Free & Safe for Hot Work

Vacuum Truck Services

  • Straight Vacuum Truck and Pump Off Services
  • Contaminated Fuel Disposal
  • Impacted Water Disposal
  • Vacuum Truck Wash on Clean Fuels Site
  • Environmental Remediation

Ask about our Customized Preventative Maintenance Plans and Bulk Service Packages for your sites.

Other Services