Fuel Filtration, Fuel Testing & Fuel Tank Cleaning Service

Fuel & Tank Cleaning in Saint Michaels, MD

Working with a contaminated tank and fuel can damage the vehicle. At the same time, the method used to clean fuel tanks can be quite expensive, enough that many boat owners chose to replace their tank rather than clean it. This is how things were in the fuel tank cleaning industry back in 1986, around the time when Clean Fuels Associates, Inc. started.  

To improve that situation, our company tried and tested ways to make fuel filtration and tank cleaning more effective and economical processes. We reached our goal and today's boat owners in Saint Michaels, MD, as well as other commercial and residential property owners around the country can benefit from our services.  We’ve worked with many fuel tank owners over the years, and many of them have been quite satisfied with the quality of service that we provided. Check out their comments on our Review page.

Marine Vehicle Fuel & Tank Cleaning in Saint Michaels

We founded our company during a time when we offered our services specifically for boats. Since then, however, we’ve also expanded our market to cater to other types of client needs. Clean Fuels now deals with all sorts of commercial and residential properties, especially businesses that are concerned with storing fuel. Companies and residents based in Saint Michaels, MD, can rely on our company for the following services:

  • Fuel Tank Installation and Maintenance: Keeping your fuel tank in tip-top condition saves you from spending extra on fuel and tank cleaning. If your tank has no leaks, then it’s less likely that water will get into it and contaminate the fuel. You can rely on Clean Fuels for underground and aboveground tank installation, removal, repair, upgrade, and testing.
  • Fuel Filtration and Polishing: Aside from water, fuel can be contaminated by fungi and bacteria. These impurities can cause a lot of problems such as reducing fuel performance and increasing the possibility of clogging, corrosion, and carbon buildup in the tank. If the fuel you are using needs to be filtered and polished, come to Clean Fuels for help.
  • Fuel Testing and Sampling Services: It’s sometimes difficult to tell if the fuel in your tank is still pure or if it has been contaminated. If the fuel has been stored for a while or if it’s changed containers more than a few times, get it tested for bacteria and fungi first before using it. Doing so can help you avoid engine trouble in the future.

Clean Fuels has built a solid foundation with clients in the marine industry that are based in GeorgiaIllinois, Maryland, and other locations. If you need our services for your boat, give us a call at 844-694-3230. You can also bring your vehicle to us, or we can bring our equipment to your location.

Trust Clean Fuels for Fuel Tank Services in Saint Michaels

Our company is recognized by the EPA as a Hazardous Materials Recycling Facility, and we also follow our industry’s regulatory standards. We do this because we value the safety of our crew, clients, and the environment. If you want top-quality tank cleaning and maintenance for your boat or tank in Saint Michaels MD, get in touch with us by calling 844-694-3230 or use our Contact Us page.