Fuel Filtration and Tank Cleaning Services in West Virginia by Clean Fuels Associates

With the glaring evidence of global warming, more and more countries around the world are taking environmental protection seriously. The drive for cleaner fuels has never been this intense. While West Virginia is a ‘coal state’, it has efforts in using clean energy. We’re happy to announce that Clean Fuels Associates is now serving West Virginia and can provide tank cleaning, fuel purification, and fuel filtration services in the state. 

Oil prices are erratic but are increasing in the long run. As the demand for oil increases, the pressure to increase production is always there and oil companies will do their best to improve their output volumes. One way of increasing output is by using chemical additives. This is very effective in increasing output but there’s a catch. Adding chemical additives decreases the quality of fuel. Today, it is now necessary to filter and treat fuel to pass strict fuel emission standards. Clean Fuel Associates is the leading provider of fuel polishing, tank cleaning, and tank installation services. 

Clean Fuels Associates Began with Boats

Back in the 1980s, boat owners were having a hard time with their fuel tanks because of condensation. Water would always form inside the tanks and cause all kinds of problems for boat owners. Back then, tank cleaning technology was virtually non-existent. It was actually cheaper to get a new tank and install it than to try to clean a tank affected by condensation. 

Things changed in 1986 when William Hartman and his associates came up with an ingenious and affordable way of removing water from fuel the tanks. Later on, they found out that the filtration system that they developed not only removed water, but it can also remove bacteria and debris from fuel. The clean fuel allowed the boats to run smoothly, and the emissions became cleaner too. It didn’t take long Hartman and his team figured out that the technology they developed has a lot more applications. The rest, as they say, is history. Now, Clean Fuels Associates is at the bleeding edge of tank and fuel cleaning tech. 

Fuel Filtration and Polishing for Compliance by Clean Fuel Associates in West Virginia

We have just recently made our service available in West Virginia and are continuously expanding to serve the entire United States. Most of our customers are industrial and commercial clients but we also serve residential clients. Some of the services now available in West Virginia include:

Fuel stored for extended periods of time is subject to bacterial growth which compromises the purity of your fuels. Our services will help you maintain clean fuels and pass emission compliance tests. 

For Tank Repair and Installation in West Virginia, Contact Clean Fuels Associates Today

For more information about our tank repair and installation services in West Virginia, please call 844-694-3230. Alternatively, you can visit our Contact Us page and fill out the short contact form to send us a message. 


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