Fuel Filtration, Fuel Testing & Fuel Tank Cleaning Service

Fuel Filtration, Fuel Testing & Fuel Tank Cleaning in Ohio

Clean Fuels Associates is a pioneer in fuel filtration technology and is now serving Ohio. Our fuel filtration, tank cleaning, and tank cleaning services have been highly sought after since we started in 1986. 

It all began with boats. Because of condensation, water builds up in the fuel tanks and this moisture would run through the boat engines which causes a lot of problems for boat owners. The old way of cleaning fuel was so expensive that it made more sense to simply replace the tank than to clean the fuel.

There’s clearly a need for a new fuel cleaning technology that’s not as expensive or as dangerous as removing or entering fuel tanks. As this technology was developed, we discovered that we can remove much more than just water from the fuel.

Using filtration methods, we were able to remove impurities in the fuel such as bacteria and other particles. Because the fuel was cleaner, the boats generated more environmentally-friendly emissions. Soon, we realized that there are wider applications for this technology. 

Fuel Polishing by Clean Fuel Associates in Ohio

We have been expanding our operations and have a goal of having our services available in as many states as possible. You’d be glad to know that our fuel cleaning technology is now available in Ohio. 

Here are some of the services that Clean Fuel Associates offer in Ohio:

Commercial Fuel Tank Cleaning - When you use bad fuel, it results in dirty emissions. Whether the fuel is stored in your tank for supplying to your fleet or it’s in a generator to supply emergency power to a building or you operate a gas station, your fuel has to be kept clean. With our regular maintenance service, we can help you keep your fuel clean so you minimize emissions and you comply with environmental regulations. 

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Fuel Tank Installation and Repair - Clean Fuels Associates provides tank maintenance services for different fuel-based businesses such as refineries, gas stations, petroleum companies, and others. We are the leaders when it comes to fuel tank maintenance. The equipment that we use even surpasses OSHA, DOT and EPA standards. For fuel tank installation and repair you can rely on, contact Clean Fuels Associates. 

Fuel Polishing and Filtration - Our expertise is in fuel polishing and filtration. We provide fuel cleaning services from residential to commercial and industrial clients. We have a complete line of services from fuel polishing, filtration, and purification to fight bad gasoline, fuel, bacteria, and others. 

Because of the high demand for fuel, oil refineries used chemical agents to increase yields. It worked but the quality of fuel deteriorated. That’s the very reason that companies rely on us to keep their fuel supply clean. 

Contact Clean Fuels Associates for Fuel Tank Repair in Ohio

When you need your fuel tanks repaired or your fuel polished in Ohio, you can count on the proven professionals from Clean Fuels Associates. When you need our products or services, dial 844-694-3230 or use our contact us page to send us a short message online. 

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