Fuel Filtration, Fuel Tank Cleaning & Fuel Tank Replacement Service in New Jersey

Fuel Tank Cleaning & Fuel Filtration in New Jersey

As a pioneer in innovative fuel services and having been around for more than three decades, Clean Fuels Associates is a company that strives to continuously offer fuel tank services that are cut above the rest. Our services are of utmost quality, with fuel testing, fuel tank cleaning, and fuel tank replacement services utilizing advanced technology that you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

What began as a cleaning service for boat owners experiencing problems of condensation in their tanks evolved into a company that handles much more. Throughout the years, we have added other services and have grown to become more than just a company that handles marine fuel tank concerns. We have included other services such as fuel tank cleaning, fuel tank installation, and fuel filtration services that covers a variety of tank types in New Jersey.

Clean Fuels Associates is Here to Help

Let us know what your fuel tank problems are and we are sure to find the right solution. We have a team of trained and certified experts who can help you. We follow a process that allows us to determine what your needs are and helps us find the right solution for you. This process includes:

  • Evaluation
  • Finding and recommending solutions
  • Final inspection and turnover

Our recommendations are made based on what we consider is best for your fuel tank problems. Say for example, if it comes down to a choice between replacing a fuel tank and repairing a fuel tank, if the latter will be more cost-effective, that is the course of action we will recommend.

Fuel Tank Services in New Jersey by Clean Fuels Associates

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We offer more than just fuel tank cleaning, fuel tank repair, fuel filtration services, and fuel tank replacement. Clean Fuels Associates also offers the following:

When you need help with your fuel tanks in New Jersey, contact us at 844-694-3230 and we will send someone over to assess your situation.

Why Clean Fuels Associates is the Company to Trust

Clean Fuels Associates puts a lot of importance in compliance, which is why we go out of our way to ensure that we not only set high standards for our services but also comply with the many regulations that cover our industry. These include:

  • OSHA, EPA, DOT Regulatory Compliance: With the newest equipment for the industry, we meet and exceed regulatory guidelines set by OSHA, EPA, DOT, and even state safety standards.
  • With HAZWOPER & EPA Certifications: Our experts carry certifications that go above the normal standards in the industry. This ensures that you get the best possible service from us.
  • EPA Registered and Certified: We track and properly get rid of all hazardous materials according to guidelines set by the EPA, as well as guidelines set by state, federal, and other regulatory bodies.
  • Veteran-Owned & Service-Disabled: We are the only company to be Service-Disabled & Veteran-Owned in the fuel tank cleaning, fuel filtration, and fuel tank replacement industry.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction or We Do the Job for Free: If you are unhappy with our work, you are given the chance to tell us up to 30 days after our service. If you have not received a new fuel delivery after your complaint, Clean Fuels Associates will return to your place and do the service for free.
  • Approved Federal Contractor: We can bid and work on projects that are considered state, federal, and local government projects.

If you need help with your fuel tank, don't hesitate to contact us at Clean Fuels Associates, and give us a call at 844-694-3230 today.

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