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Fuel Filtration and Tank Cleaning in Michigan

Clean Fuels Associates is the pioneer and leading player in the fuel filtration and polishing and tank cleaning industry. We are happy to announce that we are now serving Michigan

Nations all over the world are intensifying their drive for cleaner vehicle emissions. Because of this, stricter emission laws have been implemented, and the demand for cleaner fuels has skyrocketed. 

Petroleum companies, on the other hand, are pressured to produce more and more oil each year. They have been optimizing their production systems, and with continued research, the oil companies discovered that they could increase output significantly by using chemical additives. The other side of the story is that the quality of fuel began to decline with the use of these additives. To meet the current strict standards on fuel emission, fuel filtering and polishing have become necessary. Clean Fuels Associates provides top of the line fuel filtering and polishing services as well as tank cleaning solutions. 

How Clean Fuels Associates Started

It all began with boats. During the 1980s, boats often had condensation problems. Water would form inside the fuel tanks and cause all kinds of problems for boat owners. They didn’t have the technology during those times to clean fuel tanks in a cost-effective manner. The cleaning costs were so expensive that it made more sense just to buy and install a new fuel tank instead. 

Then, in 1986, William Hartman and his associates discovered a way of ridding boat fuel of water. It was a breakthrough technology, and soon they found out that the filtration system that they have developed can be used in removing bacteria and debris. The cleaned fuel allowed for smooth operations of boat engines and incidentally, the emissions were a whole lot cleaner, too. Thus Clean Fuels Associates was born. 

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Fuel Filtration and Polishing for Compliance by Clean Fuel Associates in Michigan

Most of our customers are industrial and commercial, but we also serve residential customers. We have recently made our service available in Michigan, and we are continuously working to provide our services across all US states. Currently, some of the services available in Michigan are as follows:

Fuel Tank Repair and Installation - Our clients include fuel-based businesses such as petroleum companies and gas stations. We even serve refineries. Our fuel tank services ensure that these businesses have consistently clean fuels.

Fuel Filtration and Polishing - We are the experts in fuel polishing and filtration. Our customers include residential customers up to the big oil companies. We can help you remove fuel bacteria, fuel fungus, and other debris and impurities. Our fuel filtration and polishing services come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Fuel Testing and Compliance - Bacteria and fungus can grow in fuels that are stored for extended periods. However, you won’t know if the fuel in your storage tanks is still good or if there’s a need to filter and polish—that is until you sample and test the fuel. 

Contact Clean Fuel Associates for Fuel Tank Repair and Fuel Filtration in Michigan

Give us a call today to find out more about our fuel and tank cleaning services offered in Michigan. For more information about our service, please call 844-694-3230 or send us a message via our Contact Us page. 


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