Fuel Filtration, Fuel Testing & Fuel Tank Cleaning Service

Fuel Filtration, Fuel Testing & Fuel Tank Cleaning Service in Maine

While chemical treatments for stored fuel have their advantages, it is hardly an all-encompassing solution. Mechanical fuel filtration, which uses filters and water separators in order to remove moisture and particulates from fuel, remains essential when it comes to producing clean fuel that is safe for modern engines.

In the state of Maine, the company to rely on for the superior fuel filtration, testing, and tank cleaning is Clean Fuels Associates

About Clean Fuels Associates

Established in 1986 by Mr. William Hartman and his partners, Clean Fuels Associates started with a noble idea. The principals noticed that the typical solution to boat engine problems caused by water condensation in the fuel tank was to replace the tank rather than having it cleaned. This was the cheaper option at the time, which seemed like a wasteful approach for boat owners.

Development of new cleaning techniques and technologies have since allowed us to remove particles, bacteria, and other forms of debris that can accumulate in diesel fuel tanks and cause engine corrosion. Clean fuels also produce fewer emissions and reduce the amount of harmful particulate matter that is expelled into our atmosphere by passenger vehicles, greatly cutting down on air pollution. This makes for a greener, healthier environment. 

Fuel Tank Cleaning, Filtration & Testing by Clean Fuels Associates

Our company offers the following services to residents and businesses based in Maine:

Fuel tank installation and repair

Commercial fuel services

  • Fuel filtration services
  • Vacuum truck services
  • Fuel testing and compliance
  • HAZMAT and hazardous materials

Marine Fuel Services

  • Marina fuel services
  • Small to medium boats
  • Large ships

Residential Fuel Services

Four Reasons Why Clean Fuels Associates is the Best Choice

  1. Our state-of-the-art equipment doesn’t merely meet regulatory guidelines, it exceeds OSHA and state safety standards, as well as regulations put forth by the DOT and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We are also registered with the EPA as a Hazardous Materials Recycling Facility, making sure that all generated Hazardous Materials are tracked conscientiously and disposed of properly, in accordance with federal and state laws among other regulatory compliances.
  2. All of our associates are certified by the EPA and HAZWOPER to handle hazardous waste and dangerous goods, which means that you can rest assured that the work we perform will always be held and performed according to high standards. 
  3. We are the very first service-disabled, veteran-owned fuel cleaning company in the country, and are federal contractors with clearance to bid and work on projects at the federal, state, and local levels. 
  4. Our 30-day guarantee on all work done assures customer satisfaction. If you have any problems within 30 days of services rendered and have not received a new fuel delivery during that time, our associates will be happy to come back out and perfect the job at no cost to you. 

Contact Clean Fuels Associates to Clean Your Fuel Tank in Maine

For fuel tank services including installation and repairs, as well as fuel filtration and polishing in Maine, give us a call at 844-694-3230. You may also fill out the form located on our Contact Us page. 

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