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Fuel Tank Cleaning, Fuel Testing & Fuel Filtration in Illinois

The drive for a cleaner environment has made it more important to keep vehicle emissions clean. Governments all over the world have created laws that promote the use of clean energy, and stricter laws have been implemented to ensure that vehicle emissions are clean.

At the same time, the demand for oil seems to be insatiable and oil refineries are pressured to produce more and more. Refineries include chemical additives in their products to stretch production quantities. While this practice increased production, it sacrificed the quality of petroleum. That’s why there is a need for fuel polishing, cleaning, and filtration. It is important today more than ever. 

Clean Fuels Associates has been at the cutting edge of technology in fuel filtration and tank cleaning services and we are happy to announce that we are now serving Illinois

How Clean Fuels Associates Started

In the 1980s, boats often had problems with their fuel tanks because of condensation which lead to water formation. The water gets into the engine and causes all sorts of problems for boat owners. However, during those times, the available technology was so expensive that it was actually more cost-effective to simply replace the tank than to clean it. 

There was a need for better technology to clean fuels. In 1986, William Hartman and his associates started Clean Fuels Associates which came up with a way to safely remove water from the boat fuel at a cost-effective price. It turns out that the fuel filtration system that they developed had wider applications such as removing debris and fuel bacteria. The result was a smooth-running engine with cleaner emissions. Today, Clean Fuels Associates is a leading fuel-cleaning company. 

Fuel Polishing & Compliance by Clean Fuel Associates in Illinois

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We serve residential and commercial clients and we are currently expanding to serve more states in the US. Some of the services we offer in Illinois are as follows:

Fuel Tank Installation and Repair - We serve various fuel-based businesses such as gas stations, refineries, and petroleum companies by providing them with fuel tank maintenance services. Our services make it possible for these companies to increase their fuel quality and prevent issues that could become bigger problems if not addressed immediately. 

Fuel Polishing and Filtration - Our specialty is fuel polishing and filtration. We serve even small residential customers up to big petroleum companies. If you are having problems with bad fuel, fuel fungus or bacteria, and other impurities, we can help you. Our fuel polishing & filtration system works for diesel and gasoline. It extracts impurities while cycling back the fuel back to the storage unit. We are confident with our services that we offer a 30-day guarantee. 

Fuel Testing and Compliance - When fuel is stored for extended periods of time, bacteria and fungus overgrowth are likely to occur. These microorganisms can compromise the purity and quality of stored fuel. To combat this, a diagnostic tool we use is fuel testing and sampling. The results will show you if you need to clean or polish your stored fuel. 

Contact Clean Fuels Associates for Fuel Filtration in Illinois

We are always ready to take your call and answer all your questions about our services for customers in Illinois and the other states we serve. You can reach Clean Fuels Associates by calling 844-694-3230 or you can send us a message using our contact us page.  


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