Fuel Filtration, Fuel Testing & Fuel Tank Cleaning Service

Fuel Filtration, Fuel Testing & Fuel Tank Cleaning Service in Connecticut

Clean fuel is in demand now more than ever, thanks to stricter environmental regulations geared toward reducing engine emissions and protecting our planet. Today's modern engine designs inject fuel at pressures up to 30,000 PSI. This means that even the smallest amount of dirt or water corrosion can cause a variety of problems, from wear and tear on engines to reduced efficiency and breakdowns.

Clean Fuels Associates addresses the need for cleaner fuels in the present age with state-of-the-art fuel cleaning technology, now available in the state of Connecticut

Fuel Tank Cleaning and Filtration By Clean Fuels Associates

These are the services and solutions offered by Clean Fuels Associates in Connecticut:

Fuel tank installation and repair

Commercial fuel services

  • Fuel filtration services
  • Vacuum truck services
  • Fuel testing and compliance
  • HAZMAT and hazardous materials

Marine Fuel Services

  • Marina fuel services
  • Small to medium boats
  • Large ships

Residential Fuel Services

About Clean Fuels Associates 

Our company was founded in 1986 by Mr. William Hartman and his partners as a response to solving boat engine problems – specifically, condensation building up in fuel tanks and causing water to run through the motor. In those days, fuel tank cleaning was fraught with hazards and very expensive. At that time, it was more cost-effective to buy a new tank and dispose of your old one. 

With the rise of new cleaning techniques and modern technology, we discovered it was possible to remove much more than just water. Clean Fuels Associates’ process is also able to remove debris, bacteria, and particles that can accumulate in diesel fuel tanks. Our methods rejuvenate the fuel through filtering that removes contaminants and impurities. This makes the fuel safer for engines and equipment while generating environmentally-friendly emissions in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines. 

Because all of our associates are EPA and HAZWOPER certified, you can be assured that the work we perform is always to the highest standard of quality – higher, in fact, than the industry standard.

Clean Fuels Associates is also the only fuel and tank cleaning company that uses advanced equipment that meets and exceeds OSHA and state safety standards, as well as EPA and DOT regulations. We are also a registered Hazardous Materials Recycling Facility, ensuring tracking and proper disposal of all Hazardous Material generated in accordance with federal and state legislation and other regulatory compliances. 

With Clean Fuels Associates, you can rest assured: our work is guaranteed for up to 30 days after your service. If you run into any problems within 30 days and have not received a new fuel delivery, we will head back out and perfect the job, absolutely free of charge. We are also a federal contractor that is approved to bid and work on projects at the federal, state, and local levels. 

For Cleaner Fuel in Connecticut, Call Clean Fuels Associates

Call us at 844-694-3230 for fuel filtration or fuel cleaning in Connecticut or anywhere else within our wide service area. You may also fill out our online form at our Contact Us page so that one of our representatives can give you a call at a time and date of your choosing. 


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