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Fuel Filtration, Fuel Testing & Tank Cleaning in Baltimore, Maryland

As more and more countries and industries become protective of the environment, there has been a major uptick in laws designed to reduce pollution and lower the carbon footprint. Here in the US, the EPA has set fuel emission standards that all states and companies must meet.

That is why Clean Fuels Associates now provides fuel filtration and tank cleaning services in Baltimore, MD and throughout the state of Maryland. Ensuring that you use clean fuels has other advantages beyond EPA compliance. Using clean fuels reduces engine breakdowns, which means you’ll have lower maintenance costs. 

For the fuel cleaning experts at Clean Fuels, it all started in 1986 with boats. Back then, boat fuel tanks were always suffering from water condensation. This caused a lot of problems for boat owners. Cleaning fuel tanks was not a practical option at that point because it was so expensive, it made more sense to just replace the tank.

Then, William Hartman and his associates came up with an ingenious way to filter the fuel. It removed the water and much more! The benefits exceeded their expectations. The boats were running more smoothly because of the clean fuel.

Soon, they realized that the technology they discovered had wider applications. Today, Clean Fuels Associates provides fuel and fuel tank cleaning services to municipalities, data centers, hospitals, petroleum companies, residential customers, and more. 

Fuel Polishing by Clean Fuels Associates in Baltimore, Maryland

We are happy to inform you that our services are now available in Baltimore, MD. Here are just a few of our popular services. 

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  • Commercial Fuel Tank Cleaning - We offer a complete range of services to help you efficiently manage your fuel supply. We can help you with compliance, monthly testing, tank installation and removal, fuel and oil spill containment, supply and tank maintenance, and many more. Our clients include oil companies, gas stations, and other businesses. 
  • Fuel Tank Installation and Repair - We understand that there are different fuel tank needs for various applications. Clean Fuels Associates can provide you with the right fuel tank solution for your specific needs. When it comes to fuel tanks, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. We assess your fuel tank needs carefully before recommending the most sensible solutions. If your existing tank can still be repaired, we will tell you. However, if your fuel tank truly needs replacement, we will let you know. 
  • Fuel Polishing and Filtration - Oil is a limited, non-renewable resource. The oil companies have been under pressure to produce more and more. To increase their production, they used fuel additives that were effective in increasing production but introduced impurities to their finished product. Clean Fuels Associates provides fuel polishing and filtration services to get rid of fuel impurities so you only use clean, high-quality fuel. 

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We’re happy to answer all your questions about our services, from fuel tank repairs to fuel polishing & filtration. For more information, or to request a free quote, please call 844-694-3230 or visit our Contact Us page. Clean Fuels Associates serves customers in Baltimore and throughout Maryland.