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Fuel Filtration, Fuel Testing & Tank Cleaning in Annapolis, Maryland

Today's business climate includes a significant focus on environmental issues. Governments all over the world are enacting laws that regulate vehicle emissions and other issues. In the United States, the EPA has strict rules when it comes to fuel emissions. The state of Maryland also has standards addressing clean fuels. For our customers in Annapolis, MD, the cleaning experts from Clean Fuels Associates Inc. provide fuel polishing services in Maryland throughout the Eastern Seaboard.  

Clean Fuels Associates started in 1986 when William Hartman and his associates discovered an innovative way of removing water from boat fuel. It was a noteworthy invention because back then, the existing methods of removing water from boat fuel was prohibitively expensive. It was actually more practical to replace the fuel tank instead of trying to clean it. 

The fuel filtering technology that Mr. Hartman and the company developed significantly reduced the cost of removing moisture from boat fuel. But more than that, the method also removed bacteria, fungus, and other debris from the fuel. This resulted in a smoother boat engine operation. The emissions were greatly reduced as well. They soon realized that their technology had more applications beyond cleaning boat fuel. 

Fuel Polishing by Clean Fuels Associates in Annapolis, MD

Today, Clean Fuels Associates is entirely owned by the Hartman family and is looking at expanding our services nationwide. Here are some of the services that we provide in Annapolis, MD: 

  • Commercial Fuel Tank Cleaning - Clean Fuels Associates provides more than just commercial fuel tank cleaning services. We can help with your entire fuel supply management system. You can rely on us for tank installation and removal, fuel maintenance, vacuum truck services, and other services. We make sure that your fuel is always up to code. 
  • Fuel Tank Installation and Repair - Many businesses rely on Clean Fuels Associates for their fuel maintenance needs. By working with us, you minimize the risk of supply disruption and ensure that your operation meets all EPA, OSHA, and DOT mandates. You can rely on Clean Fuels Associates when it comes to fuel tank removal, installation, repair, upgrade, testing, and inspection. 
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  • Fuel Polishing and Filtration - We are the leader in fuel filtration and polishing, and we provide our services to a wide variety of customers ranging from residential customers to large fuel companies. You can rely on us for fuel filtration, polishing, purification, fuel bacteria, fungus, and much more. If you require pure fuels, then look no further. Clean Fuels Associates has you covered. 

Count on Clean Fuels for Tank Repair in Annapolis

Our services help you manage your fuel supply efficiently. If you have questions, or you would like to request a free quote, please send us a message via our Contact Us page. If you prefer speaking with a representative, please call 844-694-3230. We’re happy to answer all your questions.