Marine Vehicle Fuel Tank Cleaning Services in Maryland

Marine Vehicle Fuel Tank Cleaning Services in Maryland

If it’s been more than two years since your boat’s gasoline or diesel tank was cleaned, TAKE ACTION TODAY. Don’t let dirt, algae, sludge and water clog your filters or injectors and prevent your fuel system from working.

According to Boat US; “No matter how meticulous you are about the fuel you take aboard, dirt, water, and microbes–dead or alive–accumulate in the bottom of the tank over time.

Marine Vehicle Fuel Tank Cleaning Services in Maryland

Filter Flush system cleans your tank from top to bottom using the fuel already in your tank to help you avoid stalling and costly repairs. To do this we must have straight down access into your tank open and available to the technician on arrival. This “kidney” system is designed to remove all impurities and cycle clean fuel back into your tank under pressure until samples show that both your fuel and tank are clean. Keep your boat’s engine running efficiently all season long with Clean Fuels.

Large & Medium Ship Fuel Tank Cleaning

Clean Fuels filters fuel on vessels ranging from cruise ships and cargo vessels down to the fishing boats and sail boats of the Chesapeake Bay. Our services and equipment go beyond regulation to ensure the utmost safety for our staff, clients and the environment.

Large & Medium Ship Fuel Tank Cleaning

We service the eastern seaboard from New Hampshire to Florida as well as the Southern United Stated with a locations based out of Maryland, and Louisiana. Centrally located in the Chesapeake Bay we also service vessels at our locations.

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Clean Fuels is the Smart Choice

  • Clean Fuels Associates is the only fuel and tank cleaning company that runs state of the art equipment above and beyond OSHA and state safety standards and EPA and DOT regulations. This ensures both tracking and proper disposal of all generated Hazardous Material in accordance with federal and state legislation and other regulatory compliance.
  • Clean Fuels is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business. This means we must follow a strict code of conduct in the areas of customer service and general business practices.
  • We are also awaiting the award of our own U.S. General Services Administration schedule in which we are the only company to be Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned in our industry.
  • Our work is guaranteed for up to 30 days after your service*. If you were to have any problems within 30 days of service and you have not received a new fuel delivery, Clean Fuels will come back out and perfect the job for free.

In summary, we are operating with more compliance and integrity then any competitor. Moving forward, our customers and the public as a whole can have full confidence that our company will adhere to and set the highest standards in the fuel industry.

What Clean Fuels will Need

To clean your boat fuel we will need straight down access at the top of your tank and at least 8 – 10 inches of clearance above that access point. Generally, if you can insert a yard stick into your tank and have a straight shot to the bottom, we can do the work. We will need to have unobstructed access to the sending unit or inspection panel upon arrival. Movement of personal belongings and/or clearing other obstructions to the access panel or sending unit is not included in the filter flush price and may lead to extra charges. It is also necessary to have between ½ – ¾ of a tank of fuel for our 30 day guarantee to apply.

*30 day guarantee is honored under the condition that the tank is functioning according to manufacturer specifications and no new fuel has been added to the tank since service. Customer may be responsible for 3rd party tank testing costs associated with guaranteeing work.


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When it is time to service the fuel tank of your boat in Maryland, Clean Fuels Associates is the proven choice. Contact us at 844-694-3230 to learn more about our services.

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