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Hospital Generator Testing/Cleaning

 In the hospital industry, there is no room for error when it comes to having consistent power.


For backup power, most hospitals utilize diesel generators to keep vital medical equipment up and running in an emergency or loss of power. A disruption in power could shut down life support for critical patients and disrupt patient care, which is a liability for any hospital.  It's essential to make sure your generator is ready should the need arise. 

What Is Involved in Our Routine Testing & Mainteance

Clean Fuel Associates will preform routine maintenance on your generator including:

  • Cleaning out the tank
  • Fuel polishing - includes Ethanol removal and preventing the reduction of gasoline oxidation
  • Fuel filtration
  • Full service inspection and evaluation

Let Us Provide Power to Your Hospital

To learn more about hospital diesel generator services provided by Clean Fuels Associates, contact us online or call 844-694-3230 to consult with one of our specialists. Our representative will be happy to answer questions or schedule an estimate.


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