Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

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Clean Fuel Associates was established in 1986 by William Hartman & his associates, focusing on cleaning boat fuel tanks that suffer from condensation buildups. Back then, there was no affordable technology to clean tanks, and it was actually more economical to replace a fuel tank instead of cleaning it. Soon, Hartman and his associates discovered more cost-effective ways of cleaning boat fuel tanks. Then they found out that the methods they were using have wider applications. That is how this fuel services empire was begun.

We hope to become the leader in green technologies to help encourage the best methods of energy use. Our sales-and-service associates comprise one of the industry’s largest and best- trained direct sales-and-service force. Each day, we dispatch our experts to customer locations in order to reach out and make sure that the maximum of the country’s commercial sector — gas, oil, gas stations, municipalities, data centers, hospitals, federal government & others – is served by us.

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Our field service teams pay multiple visits to more than one million different customer sites every year. While there, they monitor systems and processes, solve challenges, share best practices, and promote safety. Each visit provides us with deeper insight into customer operations — the basis for actionable recommendations to improve the day to day operations of their respective businesses and services. Currently, we are serving the following industries:

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