Tank Replacement

Tank Replacement Services by Clean Fuels Associates Inc.

You are responsible for ensuring that your home heating oil storage container functions properly and safely because even a small leak now can become a financial – and environmental – mess later. Clean Fuels Associates Inc. provides the most reliable tank replacement services.

Fuel Tank Replacement Process

Fuel Tank Replacement Services

Replacing your fuel tank is a complicated process, meaning it’s always best to call in our expert team. Our tank replacement process involves several steps, from viewing your fuel tank and working out the best removal approach to draining hazardous materials and more.

  • Hazardous Materials Removal:

    Our process begins with removing any remaining fuel from your tank. Even if your tank’s fuel gauge indicates that it’s empty, it’s still likely that there is remaining fuel oil inside the tank that could pose a safety risk if it’s not properly removed.

    Before we remove your old fuel tank, our trained team will thoroughly clean the tank in order to ensure that any and all flammable, environmentally hazardous materials are removed before removal work begins.

  • Fuel Tank Removal:

    Once we’ve safely removed and disposed of any hazardous materials that were inside your old fuel tank, we’ll start the tank removal process. Depending on the location of your fuel tank, our team will either remove it using an excavator or mounted crane, or using a more specialized technique.

    If your fuel tank is installed in a location that’s difficult to access, our technicians might need to safely and carefully cut it into pieces to remove it with minimal disruption. For safety reasons, our team will complete this process using cold cutting techniques and safe, spark-free tools.

    After your fuel tank has been removed from your property, we’ll provide it to our trusted recycling partner. Instead of being wasted, your old tank will be put through an environmentally friendly recycling process, allowing its raw materials to be put back to use.

  • Fuel Tank Replacement:

    After we’ve removed your old fuel tank, our team will install a replacement tank on your property. Depending on your needs, we can either install your new fuel tank in the same location as the old tank or move it to a different location on your site.

    We offer a range of fuel tanks to meet the needs of different types of customers. Our experienced team can help you learn more about the most suitable tank for you based on your usage and your budget.

Reliable Industry Leader in Fuel Tank Maintenance

Fuel Tank Removal

Clean Fuels Associates Inc. leads the fuel tank maintenance and supplies business in using equipment that surpasses OSHA standards, as well as DOT and EPA regulations. This allows our clients to rest easy, knowing that our service programs meet regulatory compliance, and federal and state legislation.

As a dependable source for fuel disposal services, we have the expertise and tools to deal with Class 3 hazardous wastes, such as gasoline, diesel, and jet propulsion fuel. Our vac truck pump-off capabilities enable us to provide emergency spill containment in addition to addressing Class 3 hazardous wastes.

Call us today at 844-694-3230 from anywhere in Delaware, Florida, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Virginia, or any other of our service areas to find out which Clean Fuels fuel tank maintenance services will best meet your needs.