Fuel Tank Cleaning by Robotics by Clean Fuels Associates Inc.

Clean Fuel Associates Inc. provides the most efficient fuel tank cleaning services with the Cutting Edge Robotics Technology (CERT). By using the most advanced technology and engineering, with our constantly expanding technology and knowledge base, Clean Fuels consistently exceeds clients’ needs and provides the solutions for our customers’ challenges.

Many organizations overlook the importance of tank maintenance. But this small detail can quickly turn into both a safety hazard and an emergency expense. For businesses relying on fuel every day, the storage tanks in the fleet are a large investment. And the equipment that runs off of the fuel housed in those tanks represents an even greater investment. If you neglect to have your tanks properly and regularly cleaned, you are compromising your equipment.

For tank maintenance, a proactive approach is best. Clean Fuels Associates administers fuel tank maintenance services for diverse fuel-based businesses, such as gas stations, refineries, petroleum companies, and more. With our central service offering of fuel tank cleaning, we make sure our customers’ fuel tank quality and fuel supply remain consistent and unpolluted.

Advantages of Robotics Technology for Fuel Tank Cleaning

• Storage tanks and piping can be left in use and online if necessary, during the cleaning process,
• Health and safety are prioritized due to personnel not having to enter or be exposed to hazardous environments.
• Waste is extremely reduced as the waste removed from the storage tanks (water, sludge, rust, microbial, particulate, etc.) is filtered and treated, then the cleaned product is returned to the storage tank all in a closed-loop system.
• Online, continuous video, atmospheric, and equipment vitals monitoring of the cleaning process for personnel, environmental and facilities protection.
• Modular and scalable units. The perfect solution for difficult to clean situations and environments.
• The risk is eliminated in situations of damaged storage tanks and where personnel entry would be unsafe.
• CERT units can be used in environmentally sensitive, highly populated, and/or restricted or secured areas.
• Intrinsically safe equipment with highly trained and experienced technicians.
• Small footprint and extremely fast and easy commissioning and decommissioning.
• Cost-effective, safe, efficient cleaning process.
• Can be shipped at a moment's notice by truck, plane, train, ship, helicopter, or commercial airplane because the CERT units are modular, scalable, and extremely safe for transport. This allows for international deployment at the shortest of notice.

Reliable Industry Leader in Fuel Tank Maintenance

Our company leads the fuel tank maintenance and supply business in using equipment that surpasses OSHA standards, as well as DOT and EPA regulations. This allows our clients to rest easy, knowing that our service programs meet regulatory compliance, and federal and state legislation.

As a dependable source for fuel disposal services, we have the expertise and tools to deal with Class 3 hazardous wastes, such as gasoline, diesel, and jet propulsion fuel. Our vac truck pump-off capabilities enable us to provide emergency spill containment in addition to addressing Class 3 hazardous wastes.

Call us today at 844-694-3230 from anywhere in Georgia, New Jersey, Rhode Island, South Carolina, West Virginia, or any other of our service areas to find out which Clean Fuels fuel tank maintenance services will best meet your needs.