Fuel Tank Deterioration Cleaning Services

Fuel Tank Deterioration Cleaning Services

Your fuel is vulnerable to water contamination during transport and storage. Fuel changes hands and containers up to six times before it reaches the end user. All of this activity creates an opportunity for water and microbes to get into your fuel.

Water is the enemy. Once you have water in your system, you are set for an invasion of microorganisms. All storage tanks must be vented to the atmosphere. This venting process pulls in outside air which contains humidity and airborne, microscopic bacteria and fungal spores. Since water is heavier than fuel, it collects under the fuel and forms an interface of fuel and water. Anaerobic (not needing air) microscopic bacteria spores attack the fuel/water interface, where they thrive and multiply. Once established, they entrench themselves in creating a thick layer of slimy deposits. Aerobic (needing air) bacteria and fungi also grow above the fuel surface, on the sides of the tank walls, pipe surfaces, and filter housings. Left unchecked, microbial assault in these areas leads to accelerated pitting and corrosion.

Fuel Maintenance

Fuel Filtration for Tanks 15 Gallons and up

  • ASTM Diesel Fuel Testing
  • D975 – Slate Test for D1 and D2
  • D1796 – Bottom Sediment and Water
  • D4969 – Bacteria and Fungus ASTM Gasoline Testing
  • D4814 – Slate Test
  • Biocide Treatment
  • Diesel Stabilizer Treatment
  • Emergency Filtration Services
  • Ethanol Introduction Preparation
  • Manned Entry Cleanings
  • Certify Gas Free & Safe for Hot Work
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