Winterize Your Boat’s Fuel Tank Regularly

Why You Should Winterize Your Boat’s Fuel Tank Regularly

Your boat is one of the biggest investments you’ve made, so it’s important to prepare it for winter. Freezing temperatures can cause a lot of problems for your vessel and lead to expensive repairs once spring arrives.

Fortunately, you can avoid creating unnecessary damage by winterizing your boat before the temperatures drop. Among all of your vessel’s components, it is vital that the first thing you winterize is its fuel tank.

How to Winterize a Boat’s Fuel Tank

Winterizing your boat’s fuel tank can be surprisingly simple, but it depends on what you're planning to do with the boat during the winter months.

If you’re planning to use the vessel during winter, it’s in your best interest to fill the tank to its capacity and add a fuel stabilizer. The stabilizer keeps the fuel fresh when your boat’s not in use and prevents water from forming in the boat’s fuel lines and filters. To ensure that the stabilizer is protecting your tank, you need to add it before the boat’s fuel. You should also let the engine run for at least 15 minutes to let the stabilizer pass through the entire fuel system.

On the other hand, if you’re going to store your boat for several months, emptying the tank is the best method. Most fuels contain ethanol – an additive that lasts for roughly 45 to 60 days. When ethanol sits for longer than its lifespan, it’ll start separating from your fuel. Because ethanol absorbs more water, it’ll bring water to the bottom of the tank once it settles. Water inside the fuel tank is a huge problem you that can damage the internal components of your boat.

If water gets inside your fuel tank, you need to address the issue ASAP. If you've emptied the tank without incident, be sure to store your boat properly in a safe area. You don’t want snow or ice to build up in any area of the vessel.

Let Clean Fuels Associates Help to Winterize Your Fuel Tank

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