What is Fuel Polishing?

Throughout the 2000’s the oil refining industry begin feeling the pressures of the economic demands to produce higher yields of fuel. As a result of heightened demand and increased production, chemical agents are being introduced to the refining process, leading to diminished fuel longevity. Furthermore, government regulations have mandated a reduction in the sulfur content in diesel fuel. In hopes of having a positive impact on the environment, reducing surfer levels causes diesel fuel to become less stable. Therefore, companies have come to rely on professional fuel polishing and filtration services. Diesel fuel polishing removes emulsified water from diesel fuel in storage tanks to ensure and maintain the integrity of the fuel.

Some of the benefits that arise from fuel polishing and filtration include:

  • better lubricity and more efficient fuel performance
  • reduced fuel filter clogging
  • prevention of corrosion and carbon build-up
  • minimized harmful emissions
  • cleaner and more efficient fuel

As mentioned before, government-mandated environmental regulations are requiring lower sulfur content in diesel fuel. However, the process is significantly affecting the functionality of the fuel.

Fuel immediately starts breaking down. As fuel sits unused in storage it will develop pools of sludge, sediment, and water, all caused by microbial contamination. When left untreated, bad fuel will damage machinery and pumps, as well as cause engine failures. Once microbes find their way into fuel, they multiply rapidly, thus creating both immediate and unforeseen issues.

Water is the most significant enemy to diesel fuel. It not only causes a myriad of fuel and tank problems but will can cause diesel generators to fail. These issues are especially problematic in data centers and mission-critical facilities, such as hospitals, where standby generators run on diesel fuel. A comprehensive maintenance approach is essential for fuel management at these facilities. One arm of that strategy is fuel filtration.

During the fuel polishing process, multiple stages are required to efficiently remove solid particulates, wet foreign matter, and water from the fuel. A multi-stage process ensures the high efficiency of the process.

As part of most fuel tank polishing and filtration services, Clean Fuels Associates guarantees its services for up to 30 days or your next refill. Regular scheduled maintenance is essential for fuel storage and proper generator functioning. If you have any questions about the condition of your fuel or storage tanks contact us. Our technicians will provide and evaluation and maintenance strategy to ensure your fuel is in top shape. Schedule an appointment today!