What Happens in a Fuel Tank?

What Happens in a Fuel Tank?

Just because your fuel tank is an enclosed vessel, that does not mean nothing happens inside of it beyond storing fuel. A lot can happen inside your tank because of the environment it is in. Even the fuel that goes into your tank can affect what happens.

One thing you must avoid when it comes to your fuel tank is the buildup of unwanted elements that can damage the engine. Contaminated fuel can seriously damage your engine in the form of water, sludge, and even microbes that break down the composition of fuel in the tank.

Dirty or contaminated fuel usually happens when tanks are not regularly checked and cleaned. Cleaning these tanks is no easy task because feat, but a recent innovation has provided a revolutionary way for cleaning out fuel tanks. The process uses the fuel inside as the tank’s cleaning agent.

Unique Fuel Filtration and Tank Cleaning Process

The unique cleaning process that we use to help remove any contaminants from your fuel, as well as your tank, actually uses your fuel as part of the process. The first step involves the cleaning of the fuel via a filtration procedure that removes water, microbes, sludge, and other contaminants. Once the fuel is cleaned, it is pumped back into your tank with enough pressure to wash off any particulates that may still be stuck at the bottom of your tank.

The process is then repeated until your tank is clean and the fuel is free of contaminants. This process helps save you money because you won’t have to use other cleaning fluids to remove the particulates from your fuel tank and you won’t have to replace the fuel in your tank, either. You get a clean tank, clean fuel, and protected equipment all in one efficient cleaning procedure.

Trust in Clean Fuels Associates for Your Tank Cleaning Needs

When you need to have your fuel tank in Maryland cleaned and all contaminants removed from your fuel inside it, Clean Fuels Associates is the company to call. Aside from tank installation and repair, we also specialize in residential tank cleaning, commercial tank cleaning, and marine fuel services.

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