What Actually Occurs in a Fuel Tank

What Actually Occurs in a Fuel TankFuel tanks that are not properly maintained but are constantly being used can cause a lot of problems over time. When a fuel tank is refilled again and again without proper maintenance, contamination can happen. When your fuel tank is contaminated, the fuel that goes into your boat and other machinery is contaminated as well.

The need for regular tank maintenance and cleaning should not be ignored. When less-than-clean fuel is used on your machinery, the damage could be severe, which can cost you a lot in repairs and may even prompt the need for a replacement.

Tank Contamination and Why it Happens  

Your fuel tank can get contaminated by a number of things. The most common cause is precipitation. Even when your tank is airtight, the possibility of condensation is there. That is because of the changes in temperature around your fuel tank. When condensation happens, water contaminates the fuel inside your tank, which then starts a chain reaction.

If left unchecked, this chain reaction will produce microbes that thrive in the moisture inside the tank. These microbes are what break down the fuel that is inside your tank. Eventually, this results in the sludge often seen at the bottom of fuel tanks.

Clean Fuels Associates Returns Your Fuel Tank to Optimal Conditions

If you find that your machinery is not running as well as it used to, you might have sludge in your tanks. The solution is to remove the sludge, clean your tanks, and start a maintenance schedule that assures the problem won’t happen again. In the Maryland and New England areas, the company to call on for this service is Clean Fuels Associates Inc. We are a company that specializes in fuel tank maintenance, fuel tank repairs, and other fuel tank-related services.

We can clean your fuel tanks for you to help you avoid further issues with your machinery. We can also help you with fuel tank repairs, fuel filtration, and fuel testing for compliance. To get the help you need with your fuel tanks, don’t hesitate to contact us online or give us a call at 844-694-3230.