West Closure Complex Avoids Disaster

Going into the hurricane season, the one thing you don’t want to fail is a major hurricane levee drainage system in New Orleans. The new West Closure Complex in Belle Chasse, LA was designed to keep surges of water out, significantly reduces flooding from large storms.  Needless to say, this is an essential instrument in Louisiana due to the amount of local water and potential for flooding.

Clean Fuels was called to the scene after two generators failed inspection in March. After our thorough evaluation of the equipment it was determined that the diesel fuel was contaminated with algae.  Clean Fuels Associates completed high-velocity cleaning of their fuel distribution system, as well as several other repairs and prevention treatments were underway since the failure in March. Additionally, we conducted an extensive testing procedure of the effected generators and pumps, over a two-day trial period and it was a success.

Added prevention plans for the future are currently being established to eliminate the chance of future failures, thus showing that future planning and preventive maintenance is safe and cost effective. Our fast response and industry experience allows for us to help avoid potential disaster.

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