Update To Nyc Boiler Fuel Regulations

NYC Boiler Fuel Regulations

According to the New York State Department of Conservation as of April 2011, New York City adopted new boiler fuel regulations. It required owners of at least 10,000 buildings within the city to convert from using #6 and #4 heating oil to a cleaner burning #2 oil. The conversion started July 2012, with a completion goal of July 2015. Further, by 2030, all boilers must meet the equivalent emissions of burning cleaner fuels. And, all newly installed boilers must only burn #2 oil or its emissions equivalent.

This policy was a result of the high percentage of pollution within the city. These 10,000 buildings, alone, were responsible for 80% of the city’s pollution problem. The NYC Department of Environmental Protection goes on to state that:

it is the public policy of the City to preserve, protect, and improve
the air resources of the City because every person is entitled to air that is not detrimental to life, health, and enjoyment of property.

The reason for this Boiler Fuel Regulations ruling is that studies have shown that the emission of particulate matter can cause adverse health impacts. Some include decreased lung function, aggravated asthma, respiratory symptoms, and premature death.

Have these regulations made a difference?

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, stated in April 2016, the city’s air is cleaner than it has been in 50 years. This is a direct result of these stricter heating fuel changes. City officials report 69 percent reduction in Sulfur Dioxide pollution and 23 percent decrease in the particulate matter since 2007-8. As a direct result of these regulations neighborhoods with the highest density of emissions have dramatic improvements. Areas such as northern Manhattan, northern, Queens, and the South Bronx.

Therefore, this amounts to good news for the Big Apple. But, the work is not finished yet. New York City building owners must make 100 percent of boilers compliant by 2030.

The city has vowed to work with property owners to further improve air quality. It now requires boilers to have annual tune-ups and fuel inspections, and combustion efficiency tests. Buildings that meet requirements will not only be environmentally efficient but will use less fuel every year. This change will save tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Interested in learning more about the NYC Department of Environmental Protection Rules Governing the Emissions from the Use of #4 and #6 Fuel Oil in Heat and Hot Water Boilers and BurnersClick here.

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