Unexpected Businesses That Depend on Backup Generators

In recent years the Southern and Eastern parts of the U.S. have seen their share of powerful blizzards and hurricanes. Losing power affects production and directly impacts your bottom line. In addition, an interruption in power could endanger your employees, clients, patients, and customers. There are many unexpected businesses that need backup generators. Is your facility one that benefits?

Mission Critical Facilities

It is essential for hospitals, urgent care centers, nursing homes, assisted living centers, and other types of medical centers to have backup power. An interruption of power could impact the quality of stored medicines, diagnostic equipment failure. Plus, it could mean the collapse of life support systems. Therefore, losing power will directly affect patient care. NFPA 110 requires ASTM testing be performed annually. As of 1/7/17, the law requires that all mission critical facilities have annual testing and a fuel maintenance plan in place.

Data Centers

Due to modern technology, it is crucial that data centers never experience a power outage. What is a data center? They are facilities that house computer systems and their associated components. An example of these particular establishments includes telecommunications such as satellites and phone systems, or information storage systems for hospitals and internet providers. These are the centers that power today’s digital world. An outage here could potentially impact millions.

Schools and Universities

Local elementary and secondary schools have many systems that must remain in operation, even in a power outage, especially when students are present. Services including phones, computer networks, emergency lighting, HVAC, food storage, and security to name a few. Colleges and universities are like mini cities, and a power outage could be detrimental to the campus. Back up generators allow schools the ability to continue functioning until normal power is restored.

Food Service

Health laws for the food industry dictate safe storage and preparation guidelines. This applies to such food service as restaurants, bakeries, convenience stores and grocery stores. These facilities are required by law to ensure safety standards at all times, regardless of interruptions to public power supplies. An outage could destroy valuable inventory, as well as create unsafe operating conditions.


Hotel managers strive to provide the very best experience for their guests from the moment they check in. From guest encounters such as dining to customer service such as concierge. The goal is to fulfill a commitment to a comfortable and enjoyable stay. An interruption in power compromises this, taking the guests from annoyed to frustrated to possibly scared.


During a power outage lasting only one hour, retail establishments stand to lose tens of thousands of dollars. Consider that all employees on site will still receive hourly wages although they cannot conduct business. Plus, many customers abandon their purchases only to patronize the competition. It is estimated that in the U.S. over $3.5 billion is lost by corporations due to losses related to power interruption.


The last thing a theater manager wants is an upset audience stuck in the dark. Whether folks are attending a play, a movie, or a concert, the show must go on! Losing power may also create a dark, unsafe environment. In addition, sudden loss of power may damage delicate and valuable equipment such as lighting and sound boards, microphones, and speakers.

Municipalities and Government Installations

When the power goes out, residents of towns and cities rely on government agencies for emergency services. Therefore, municipal facilities must be able to provide taxpayers with the assistance they require. Consider that for public safety, these particular centers must never experience an interruption of power.

  • Garbage and Recycling
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Computer Systems and Servers
  • Check Points
  • Police and Fire Stations
  • Tolls, Tunnels and Bridges

Many types of companies need backup generators. However, they may not realize it, but their fuel tanks could be filled with a sludgy messFuel cleaning and tank maintenance are imperative to the proper functioning of backup generators. Never worry about whether your backup diesel generator will function in a power outage. Contact Clean Fuels today to learn more about maintenance packages.