Top 4 Reason You May Need Vacuum Truck Services

Top 4 Reason You May Need Vacuum Truck Services

There is a myriad of reasons vacuum truck services may need to be dispatched. Clean Fuels Associates offer significant experience and expertise in providing vacuum truck services for all types of demands. Vacuum truck services will often work in conjunction with fuel polishing or other services we offer. If you are wondering why you might need vacuum truck services, here are the top 4 reasons you may need vacuum truck services.

1. Construction Site Compliance

Often construction sites can be a source of biohazardous material, and collect environmentally damaging liquids. This slurry can be a combination of cement, petroleum, water, plus unknown assorted dry and liquid additives, making for quite a hazardous substance to have laying around. Clean Fuels Associates will dispatch our vacuum truck services team to clean up any dangerous or toxic waste, ensuring your building site complies with state and county regulations regarding environmental safety.

2. Residential Fuel Tank Draining

Every state has individual regulations and laws regarding residential heating fuel tanks. Many states have recently updated their standards, requiring replacement of outdated tanks. This is where Clean Fuels Associates can help. We will employ our vacuum truck services to empty your tanks before removal. Our team also recommends semi draining and cleaning your fuel if it is over five years old. Additionally, we can drain your tank to perform routine inspections and maintenance. All these actions work toward making sure your fuel system runs efficiently according to state standards, especially during the cold winter months.

3. Emergency Response

Fuel spills are no joke. Fuel-based companies encounter all types of hazardous situations. As an EPA registered and Green certified organization, you can trust Clean Fuels Associates with all of your fuel clean-up needs. We use the most cutting-edge equipment and resources that exceed OSHA safety standards, in addition to EPA and DOT regulations. Our innovative team leads the way with fuel and oil spill containment. 

4. Commercial Fuel Tank Draining

Commercial, industrial and mission-critical facilities must be in compliance with state and federal regulations at all time. Upon inspections, if your fuel is out of date, or contaminated beyond repair, our team will employ our vacuum truck services to drain and dispose of your fuel according to, even performing above, EPA and OSHA standards. We will then be able to examine properly and repair or clean your fuel tanks, preparing them to be filled again.

Our technicians and CDL drivers are HAZWOPER-certified and HAZMAT-endorsed. Being registered with the EPA and a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business, Clean Fuels Associates adheres to a strict code of conduct in the areas of vac pump services, and customer satisfaction.