The Importance of Keeping Your Boat’s Gas Tank Clean

The Importance of Keeping Your Boat’s Gas Tank Clean

There’s nothing like taking your boat out on the water on a clear sunny day. However, you may run into problems that can ruin your trip if you don't stay on top of routine maintenance issues. One of the most common issues boat owners encounter is a dirty or clogged gas tank.

Although it’s normal for a tank to get dirty after multiple trips, it’s unwise to neglect it because it can cause the following consequences:

Poor Boat Performance

Poor Boat PerformanceThe gas tank is what keeps your boat running. If the engine becomes inefficient, your vessel could stall or your boat will run slower and the ride will become bumpy. It’s also possible that your vessel will fail to start.




Expensive Boat Repairs

Expensive Boat RepairsIf you haven’t used your boat in months, the undrained gas will chemically break down. This causes the fuel components and additives to sink at the bottom of the tank, forming into an unusable sludge. Condensation can also add to the sludge and damage the tank over time. As a result, your boat will need to undergo repairs and you’ve also wasted gas you could have used on your next trip.


Unsafe Voyages

Unsafe VoyagesAside from making the ride choppy or uncomfortable, a dirty gas tank can make your voyage unsafe. It’s possible that dirty fuel from the tank can cause your engine to stall while you’re at sea or in a large lake. It's never good for your boat to come to a full stop a long way from shore. That's why it is wise to check the gas tank before each trip to ensure that your voyage will be smooth.

With a clean tank, you can avoid encountering these issues. Your boat also will perform better, last longer, and you’ll also feel much safer each time you bring the vessel out on the water.

Let Clean Fuel Associates Clean Your Gas Tank

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