Summer Fuel Mix to Winter Fuel Mix

The Big Changeout – Summer Fuel Mix to Winter Fuel Mix

As the seasons change to winter here in Maryland, there are many things to do to prepare. One of those things on the list for convenience store and gas station owners are switching their fuel mix from the summer blend to winter blend.

Are you aware that fuel blends change along with the seasons? There are several reasons for this, including environmental concerns and the health and longevity of your vehicle. One good thing about the winter blend is it's cheaper to make, so the savings are passed down the line with more affordable fuel prices.

The big change out typically occurs during the fall months, making it the perfect time to service the underground storage tanks.

Maintaining and Servicing Underground Storage Tanks

With underground storage tanks, it can be out of sight, out of mind. However, if the tanks aren’t serviced regularly, it can slowly destroy your business. Customers expect to get what they pay for, and one of those things at a gas station is clean, filtered fuel to keep their vehicle running smoothly.

Contamination in the fuel tank can wreak havoc on your livelihood, with damaged tanks, equipment, and potential environmental hazards. What’s the #1 reason for fuel tank contamination? In Clean Fuel’s experience, it’s filling the tank over and over without proper maintenance in between refills.

Suppose you don’t take the opportunity during the seasonal transition. In that case, you might miss out on issues lurking beneath the surface, slowly degrading the equipment and contaminating your fuel supply.

Regular maintenance will also maximize your fuel storage tank’s lifespan, saving you money in the long run. If you haven’t scheduled your maintenance with trained professionals like Clean Fuel Associates, now is the best time to do so. It’s best to do it before your tanks are drained and filled with winter fuel mix.

Why Choose Clean Fuel Associates?

As a gas station owner, there are annual requirements for testing and calibration that must be met per state guidelines on top of the tank and pumps' recommended servicing during the seasonal fuel change out.

At Clean Fuels, we can also handle the testing and calibration of your fuel tanks, pumps, and systems. The annual inspection can be dealt with during the fuel blend changeover or at a different time.

Clean Fuels will:

  • Make sure the leak detection system is working as required
  • Confirm pressure requirements are met as per state guidelines
  • Replace the filter to ensure customers receive clean fuel and flow from the tank to pump is not interrupted
  • Calibrate fuel pumps for proper distribution

If your gas station or convenience store needs fuel tank and pump service or maintenance, contact Clean Fuel Associates online or call us directly at 844-694-3230. We can clean the tank to ensure it’s ready to transition from summer fuel to winter fuel. We’ll also handle annual testing requirements, giving you the satisfaction of knowing your customers are getting the cleanest fuel around while you stay in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Contact Us online or give us a call at 844-694-3230 today and get the professional team to help your company's needs!