Storing Diesel Fuel During Summer Heat

Storing Diesel Fuel During Summer Heat

In the past, one of the significant advantages of diesel fuel was its long shelf life. Back in the seventies and eighties, you could store diesel fuel for a couple of years before you had to worry about it becoming unstable. Now, with ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel, combined with the addition of other chemicals, you can only expect diesel fuel to last six months or less in storage.

There are ways you can protect your diesel fuel from going bad quickly. First, let’s take a look at the four main factors that will influence your fuel storage life.


Exposure to Heat and Light

The main factor that will affect the stability of your fuel during storage is the chemical reactions that occur within the fuel during the storage process. All fuel, whether diesel or gasoline, has unstable molecules that start a chain reaction when they react with other molecules. The result of this interaction is fuel darkening, and the creation of varnish, sludge, and asphaltene deposits in the fuel.

The role of heat and light in this process is merely providing energy to accelerate these reactions. When things heat up like during hot summer weather, more of these chemical reactions in the storage tank means that your stored diesel fuel doesn’t take long to become unstable and unusable.


Exposure to Water

It’s hard to think of water as an enemy, but when it comes to stored diesel fuel, it can cause a real problem. Your fuel starts to decompose pretty quickly once it’s exposed to water. Water will help create hydrolysis reactions within the fuel, which will start the decomposition process.

When the weather is hot, as it is during a hot, steamy summer, it’s natural for water to collectin storage tanks due to increased condensation at night. The changes in temperature between day and night start a cycle of built-up condensation that eventually turns into a layer of water that sits in the bottom of the storage tank.


Exposure to Microbes

Once water is present in the tank, microbes join the party and start to grow as well. Microbes… those uninvited party guests, love to grow in hot conditions. Once microbes are on the scene, it doesn’t take long for them to excrete the acids and other biological substances that create even more chemical reactions. Are you beginning to see how these processes combing to do your fuel in ahead of its time?


What Can I Do To Stabilize My Diesel Fuel During Summer?

You may be wondering if there isn’t something that can be done to stop the summer heat from wreaking havoc with your stored diesel fuel. Of course, there is!  There are actually two things you need to add to your fuel before summer gets the best of it.

It’s essential to treat your diesel fuel with the right stabilizer. Stabilizers work to cancel the chemical reactions that cause the fuel to become unstable in the first place. For the best solution, combine your stabilizer with a fuel biocide. Remember those pesky microbes?  Wipe them out with an excellent biocide. Using these two treatments will give your peace of mind… and help you be able to use your diesel fuel to its maximum storage life!

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