Fuel Storage  - Steel Tanks vs. Plastic Tanks

Standby Generators for Maryland’s Eastern Shore Chicken Houses

If you’re a poultry farmer on Maryland’s beautiful Eastern Shore, you know how important power is to your whole operation. Could you last a week in a power outage?  You probably have a standby generator, but can you depend on it for days at a time if a bad storm knocks the power out in your area? Do you have enough diesel fuel stored onsite to power your generator(s)?  Let’s take a look at some best practices to make sure you and your birds can withstand a big storm.


You Need Enough Diesel Fuel to Run Your Generator

Get out your manual for your generator, and determine how much fuel your generator uses for each hour it’s in operation. At a minimum, you should have enough diesel fuel stored on your farm to fuel your generator for the first 24 hours of a bad storm.


Quality vs. Quantity – Keeping your Diesel Fuel Ready to Use

Diesel fuel stored in tanks will not last forever. Several factors might affect the fuel and whether it will be usable when it is needed most.

Conditioning and Mixing 

Taking these steps to care for your stored fuel will help prevent sediment from forming in at the bottom of your storage tank. When the near-empty tank is filled, the sediment at the bottom gets dispersed throughout the fuel supply, causing fuel filters to clog. This can prevent your generator from running correctly, if at all. Conditioning and Mixing is your best strategy for keeping sediment at bay and extending the life of your diesel fuel.

Water Contamination

Another threat to your diesel fuel reserves is water contamination. This is caused by condensation within the storage tank. Your fuel must be treated to prolong its life in the storage tank so that you can depend on it when you need it!


Maintaining Your Generators 

When you own a chicken farm, your generator is perhaps one of the most essential pieces of equipment you have. It would be best if you had your generator, and the fuel supply to run it, inspected professionally on a regular basis. Stay up and running and be prepared when the weather takes a turn for the worse.


Let Clean Fuels Check Your Fuel Storage Systems

Clean Fuels Associates can check to see if you have adequate fuel supply and storage to keep your chicken farm running when bad weather hits. We can come out and clean your fuel and tanks at regular intervals, and help you to stay prepared. We are happy to partner with you, keeping your farm running smoothly year-round. , and schedule an inspection onsite at your farm.

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