Small Towns and Municipalities

Serving Small Towns and Municipalities on the Eastern Shore

Continuous power is something we as individuals depend on as we go about our daily lives. But what happens when an entire small town or municipality has a power outage? If the police station, hospital, water treatment plants, and toll bridges stop working, how can you prepare?

When it comes to generators used as a backup source of power, small towns and municipalities on the Eastern Shore and across the country, are required to test their mission-critical equipment annually to ensure it’s in working order.

Unfortunately, an annual maintenance inspection is not enough to ensure your generator is in prime working condition should an unexpected power outage happen. With winter fast approaching in Maryland, Clean Fuel Associates can determine if your backup generator is ready for anything our unpredictable weather can throw at it.

Winter’s Effect on Diesel Fuel

One of the worst things that can happen to diesel fuel inside a backup generator is gelling, a common occurrence when diesel fuel is left untreated during cold winter months. Whether the fuel is sitting in the generator waiting to go, or housed in a storage tank, treating the fuel is key to avoiding equipment malfunction.

Extending the Storage Life of Diesel Fuel

Small towns and municipalities in areas like the Eastern Shore rely on stored diesel fuel as part of their backup plan. The facilities can be up and running within minutes of a power outage and stay on while power is being restored.

Winter temperatures help extend the life of stored diesel fuel, but they require regular maintenance to avoid contamination. At Clean Fuel Associates, we can help you create a maintenance schedule to keep your stored fuel clean and ready to use whenever it’s needed.

Maintaining the Storage Tank

It’s not enough to keep the diesel fuel stable, the storage tank housing the fuel also needs to be maintained. Condensation naturally builds in the tank and, when mixed with the fuel, can cause microbes to grow.

Once this happens, it’s only a matter of time before the tank degrades enough where it will have to be replaced. This reduces its expected lifetime capacity, costing the facility thousands of dollars that may not be in the budget.

Working Together to Create a Backup Plan

If you don’t already have a plan to clean and maintain your backup generator and fuel storage tank beyond the required annual maintenance, now is the best time to create one. At Clean Fuel Associates, we take all the guesswork out of the maintenance schedule. We handle it for you, so your facilities can continue running regardless of whether the grid power is working.

Extending your diesel fuel life is budget-friendly and can prolong the lifetime usage of your storage tank. We work with businesses and facilities in and around the Eastern Shore municipalities to ensure their backup generators are always in working order. This is our way of keeping people in our small towns safe and healthy, by ensuring needed facilities are open for business at all times.

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