Long Term Diesel Fuel Storage Featured

Long Term Diesel Fuel Storage

While fuel supplies continue to fluctuate, prices are inconsistent from one day to the next. People who use diesel fuel, either in their business or for household fuel needs, look to saving their reserves of diesel fuel and storing it to use as a long-term supply. Here, we set expectations and explain the pros and cons of practical long-term diesel fuel storage.

How Long Can Diesel Fuel Be Stored?

The longer diesel fuel is stored, the more it is likely to become contaminated… with oxygen, water, and other contaminants. If the fuel becomes infected, it develops a gum due to the sediment that is present. This renders it unsuitable for use.

Generally speaking, Diesel can be stored for six-twelve months when temperatures are kept around 85°F and can be stored for extended periods of twelve months or longer when temperatures are kept around 68°F or less.

What Can Contaminate Diesel Fuel In Storage?

The quality of Diesel Fuel can diminish while it sits in storage. Several factors that must be monitored while your diesel fuel in held in reserve for use at a later date.

  • Amount of Oxygen the fuel comes in contact with
  • Contact with minerals such as zinc, copper, or other metal alloys
  • The Presence of Water in the Tank
  • High - Temperature environment
  • Dust and Dirt Exposure

How Can The Storage Life of Diesel Fuel Be Extended?

You can take steps to ensure that the storage life of your diesel fuel is optimized by working with a Clean Fuels Associate who will help to maximize the shelf life and quality of your diesel fuel over time. They will help with:

  • Making sure that the fuel is not coming into contact with zinc or copper in storage tanks
  • Developing a fuel maintenance program to be done at regular intervals
  • Draining water from the tanks weekly
  • Develop a system for filtering the fuel on a consistent basis
  • initiate a Monitoring Program, taking samples for testing at regular intervals.
  • Using Additives to ensure longer fuel storage life

So Many Factors Affect Diesel Fuel Storage

There are so many things to monitor when you are storing diesel fuel. Just about everything affects its shelf life. By forming a strategic partnership with a company such as Clean Fuels Associates, you can increase the life of your stored diesel fuel. Contact us today and start preserving your stored diesel fuel today!