Keeping Mission Critical Industries Operational

Why Generators Are Necessary

What industries are considered mission-critical?

Mission critical industries include emergency services, government facilities, or any business whose failure could result in serious injury or damage to citizen and the environment. To put it simply, our hospitals, fire stations, senior-medical facilities, data centers, levees, dams, and other facilities that are necessary for the functioning of this nation.

Why do we need generators?

Many times we are shocked that the power goes out. We function under the assumption that power will always be there and blackouts will not occur. The truth is, they do and commonly for an unspecified amount of time. While it can be inconvenient for homeowners it can be very costly for commercial businesses. These outages can cause damage and extreme risks for facilities that must stay up and running.

The use of generators provides a plan b, a backup power source, which serves as a protection plan. A much needed plan. On average, U.S. companies lose $80 billion due to power outages each year. This has been on an increase since 2003. While the trends of power outages are an entirely separate conversation, needless to say, it is costly.

Overall, generators in comparison are not extremely costly in the big picture. Generally, the larger and more power the generator provides, the more it will cost. Although, this ultimately is not much compared to the loss in revenue that occurs when only being down for a few hours.

How does this relate to clean fuel?

Many companies already have invested in plan b, a generator that will keep their business up and running. What sometimes is overlooked is the maintenance to those generators, or more specifically, the fuel. While we provide emergency service it is best to be prepared and have a process in place that makes sure your generator is ready for the next power outage.

This means making sure the fuel powering your generator is clean, new and full. Not sure if your company is set up for a maintenance plan? Call Clean Fuels Associates today to learn how you can stay prepared.