Is Your Home Oil tank Ready?

The upcoming 2014-2015 winter season is full of predictions on how bad the cold weather will be, so making sure your home oil tank is ready should be a high priority. With temperatures reaching record lows last winter, we should expect no different this season. Necessary precautions taken now can prevent potentially costly emergencies later on.

Making sure your home oil tank is topped off before the cold weather begins is really crucial. In above ground tanks, extra space will generate condensation and will cause water in the fuel – which isn’t good.

On the other-hand, when a tank drops below a quarter, sediment and sludge will build along the bottom. This not only clog your fuel line, but your filters and equipment as well.

In both situations efficiency can be affected and end up costing you more money in the long run. A delay in burner ignition is a strong indication that your oil tank needs to be cleaned. As another precaution always keeps track of your oil consumption and take note of any sudden or unexplained change.

Most home oil tanks should be cleaned every three to five years. If you’re unsure of when the last time your home oil tank was cleaned, then make an appointment with Clean Fuels today. Learn more about on our Residential Services page.