Home Heating Oil Tank Maintenance

Every year homeowners contemplate the price of heating oil. And, as seen in years past the market can be highly volatile. Many times heating costs are the only things folks think about. However, one of the worst things you could do neglect your fuel reservoir. No one wants to wake up on a cold winter night without heat due to a clog in your heating oil tank. It is important that while researching fuel costs and setting a budget that you be proactive in the protection of your home’s fuel system. That means regular home fuel tank maintenance by getting your fuel tank tested and cleaned.

If it’s been more than five years since you last cleaned your home heating oil tank, its been too long. Dirt, algae, sludge, and water build up over time and clog your filter or fuel lines. The result? Your furnace shuts down, and you lose heat.

Condensation also forms on the inside of tanks, trapping water in the tank. As the water builds up, it causes the tanks to corrode from the inside-out. This corrosion mixes with the water and oil and creates sludge at the bottom of the tank. Oil contamination damages furnaces and creates blockages in filters and valves. Furthermore, tank corrosion also leads to leaks, therefore causing environmental liabilities and even potential fines.

Tank maintenance begins with a thorough inspection of the system and fuel. If your fuel system and tank aren’t properly maintained, the sensors may not accurately estimate when you are due for a refill. Therefore you may unexpectedly run out of fuel, causing an expensive emergency fuel delivery.

Additionally, many states have updated regulations, and require a change from #6 and #4 heating or boiler oil to #2 fuel oil. This is an effort to reduce the harmful emissions associated with burning dirty fuel. However, with this ruling comes a new environmental and preventative maintenance responsibility. Now more than ever, it is imperative to perform home fuel tank maintenance and keep your fuel in its optimal condition.

Clean Fuels Associates applies the best tank and fuel maintenance methods. Our Filter Flush System is designed to remove all impurities and cycle clean fuel back into your tank under pressure. This continuous “kidney” system runs until samples show that both your fuel and tank are clean. Ensure that your family will stay warm all winter long. Contact Clean Fuels Associates for an appointment regarding home heating oil tank maintenance today.