Home Heating Fuel FAQs

Home Heating Fuel FAQs

It is sometimes hard to separate myth from fact when a conversation starts about home heating fuel.  At Clean Fuels Associates, Inc., we have curated some of the most common questions that people have about heating oil, along with some answers that might surprise you. 

What’s More Efficient, Oil or Natural Gas?

The amount of energy supplied by a gallon or either product is measured in BTUs.  Interestingly, home heating oil is rated at over 135,000 BTUs per gallon, while natural gas is only rated at 99,000 BTUs per gallon. That's a big difference!

Why is Home Heating Oil Red?

In it’s natural, refined state, home heating oil is a champagne color. In order for its appearance to be different from diesel fuel, it is dyed red. This is primarily done for tax purposes since the two fuels are taxed at different rates.

Is Home Heating Oil Safe?

It is safe. In fact, it must be vaporized or it won’t ignite.  If you were to drop a lit match into a pool of heating oil, it would not ignite the fuel. It would actually be extinguished.

How Often Should I Press the Reset Button When My Oil Burner Doesn’t Fire?

You should only press the reset button once when your oil burner doesn’t fire.  If you have a situation where you need to press the reset button, you should contact us at Clean Fuels Associates and let us schedule a service call for you.

How Much Home Heating Oil Will My Tank Hold?

The average home oil tank holds 275 gallons of heating oil.  Some homeowners desire more oil storage capacity and have two tanks that supply a total of 550 gallons. There are other tank sizes, of course.  If you want information about your home’s specific tank, ask your Clean Fuels Associate for the capacity and dimensions.

Isn’t There a Lot of Sulphur in Home Heating Oil?

That was true in the past, but today’s home heating oil is clean and safe. Since 1970, the sulfur content in home heating oil has been reduced by 95%. This, combined with the improved equipment for home heating oil, has improved the quality of this type of energy.

We hope you’ve found this information helpful when it comes to the consideration of home heating oil as a means of controlling the temperature in your home.  At Clean Fuels Associates, we like to educate you on these topics so that you can make informed decisions for your energy needs.  If you have questions, please contact us today for an appointment!

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