Hazmat  Guidelines

Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) are any material which, if improperly handled, could potentially cause serious harm to people, animals or the environment. Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene, lube Oil and Jet Propulsion Fuel are all considered Combustible HAZMAT and as such, are labeled under Class 3 HAZMAT handling guidelines. The HAZMAT guidelines are strictly regulated by the Federal and State Governments, especially when transporting those materials.

For example, because we work with and transport your HAZMAT, Clean Fuels Associates, Inc. Is required to have certain licenses and follow the HAZMAT guidelines very closely.

Did you know that a person is only permitted to transport up to 119 gallons of Class 3 HAZMAT without having a Red Class 3 Placard on their vehicle? Did you know that a person is required to have a HAZMAT endorsed Commercial Drivers License whenever a HAZMAT placard is required for their vehicle?

That’s right, any technician or driver who carries over 119 gallons of fuel or fuel waste must possess a HAZMAT endorsed Commercial Drivers License according to Federal Law. Additionally, there are state laws and Department of Transportation regulations which govern how and where that material or waste is contained, used or disposed of. Clean Fuels Associates prides itself on being 100% in compliance with all HAZMAT, Environmental and Safety laws and regulations, then going beyond what is required. Even our office staff, up to the VP of Operations has Hazardous Materials Operator and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) certifications.