Have You Cleaned Out Your Tank?

Have You Cleaned Out Your Tank

Having a boat you can take out and enjoy on the water is a wonderful luxury. When you own a boat, however, maintenance is something you must address regularly. If you have not used your boat for a while, particularly during the cold winter months, you will need to inspect it closely before you take it back out.

The place to start is with its fuel system, which includes the fuel tank, fuel lines, and filters. Checking these systems, or having them checked by a professional before you take your boat out, will help save you from the headaches and additional costs of unwanted repairs.

Getting Ready to Put Your Boat Back in the Water

To ensure that your boat does not suffer damage from its winter inactivity, you need to address several things. These include:

  • Have your tank cleaned before refueling – If your boat has gone unused for quite some time, you should have it drained and cleaned before you refuel and use your boat. Sludge, debris, and dirt can accumulate in your fuel tank, particularly if it has not been drained and cleaned in more than a year. Have your tank cleaned out, and have any unused fuel run through a filtration system to clean it before returning it to the tank.
  • Use a biocide in your fuel to prevent algae – Boats are used on water, so the fuel in your tank probably will have some water in it. This moisture can allow algae and molds to grow in your fuel. Using a biocide additive will help prevent their growth in your tank. Just make sure you choose a biocide that does not have any alcohol in it because this can damage the rubber parts of your fuel system.
  • Use clean fuel when topping off your tank – After cleaning out your tank, adding biocide and inspecting your fuel lines and filters, you should fill up your tank with clean fuel. Make sure the fuel you use for your boat is not contaminated. The only surefire way you can do this is to trust only in reputable and respected fuel companies like Clean Fuels Associates Inc.

Contact Only Reputable Fuel Suppliers for Your Fuel Needs

Whether you need to clean out your boat’s fuel tank, or you simply need to have it refueled before you take it out on the water, the company you can trust to meet your needs is Clean Fuels Associates Inc. In addition to providing high-quality fuel for your boat, we also offer fuel tank maintenance for boats in Maryland and across the Eastern Seaboard.

It does not matter if you need help with your small or medium boat, or if you have a large ship that requires fuel maintenance assistance, we have the personnel, the equipment, and the skills needed to get the job done. Contact us online or give us a call at 844-694-3230 so we can schedule an inspection and estimate. Do not expose your boat to damage by ignoring the need for routine maintenance before taking it out. Call us so you can stop such problems from happening.