Fueling Agriculture on the Eastern Shore

Fueling Agriculture on the Eastern Shore

Mayland’s scenic eastern shore is made up of beautiful farms… some over a hundred years old. Agriculture has been a way of life for farmers in this area for generations. Times have changed over the years, and the fuel requirements for farming and food production have peaked. Let’s look at the different ways fuel is used in agriculture and what challenges farmers may face in managing their fuel supplies.

Farm Machinery and Fuel

The most obvious need for fuel in agriculture is for operating farm machinery, most of which relies on diesel fuel. In conjunction with the need for diesel fuel to run the machinery used for planting, tilling, and harvesting, provisions must be made for storing adequate amounts of fuel on-site to keep operations running consistently. Fuel must also be monitored and conditioned to ensure its usability when it comes time to refill fuel tanks.

Fuel for Fertilizer and Pesticide Production

Fossil fuels are needed to produce and distribute fertilizer and pesticides. We tend not to realize that synthesized fertilizer requires tremendous amounts of energy to provide food for plants to grow. This requirement cannot be met by solar power, as many suggest it should. The average person is not connected to or aware of the mechanics of food production and how fuel impacts the agricultural industry in the areas of pesticides, fertilizer, and machinery alone.

Irrigation Demands on Energy

Providing water for crops and livestock can be a challenge, but is made so much easier by using electric energy through fossil fuels to power filtration, water pumps, and treatment systems. In more rural areas, farms depend on water pumps that may be powered by diesel-fueled generators. Access to this technology has led to more abundant yields with greater efficiency.

Fuel Requirements to Bring Goods to Market

Transporting livestock and crops to the market requires additional fuel to power diesel trucks and move goods over long distances when necessary. Once again, this depends primarily on having stored useable diesel fuel. Inspecting and conditioning the fuel in storage is critical to agricultural applications. The use of proper storage tanks and a reputable fuel servicing company can have a significant effect on a successful agriculture season.

When Agriculture Needs Help

At Clean Fuels Associates, we support agricultural needs and help our farmers on Maryland’s eastern shore to remain viable and profitable. We help with storage, inspection, and conditioning to ensure that your fuel supplies remain stable and ready to be used when needed. Partnering with Clean Fuels Associates means that your business can operate smoothly. We’ll look after the fuel so that you can stay busy farming.

Contact Us online or give us a call at 844-694-3230 today, and we will come out for a consultation and show you the best way ahead for successful fuel storage and usage. Learn how to maintain the integrity of your fuel supply and protect your profitable operations. We’ll assess your needs and make recommendations that will improve and maintain your efficiency throughout the year.