Fuel Management for Backup Generators

Fuel Management for Backup Generators

A backup generator is an important piece of equipment that businesses should not be without. It is a reliable source of power that can be used at a moment's notice under any circumstance to keep the company operational following a power outage.

Regardless of the cause of the outage, these generators are designed to automatically kick-in with the help of an automatic transfer switch when the power suddenly goes out. Generators are essential commodities in round-the-clock businesses like hospitals, hotels, nursing homes or 24-hour restaurants and stores.

To keep a generator fully operational and running as smoothly as possible every time it is needed, fuel management and fuel cleaning is recommended. These generators, which usually run on diesel fuel, should have a preventive maintenance plan and fuel management plan in place to ensure that it will run perfectly every time it is needed. If fuel management is not done, problems with the fuel in your generators can be experienced.

Fuel Maintenance and Fuel Cleaning

Many consumers do not realize that diesel fuel actually has a shelf life. If left uncleaned and unchecked for 6 months, it can produce sludge. That will make it the home of microbes, leading to condensation and deterioration.

When diesel fuel in a generator is not used for 6 months, it needs to undergo fuel cleaning to remove impurities from the tank. Cleaning the fuel tank is also required at this point because sludge and other impurities must be flushed out before the cleaned fuel is put back in the tank.

How can you tell if the fuel in your generator’s tank needs to be cleaned? Beyond the 6-months-is-the-limit test, other indicators include:

  • The fuel in the tank looks dark
  • It has a weird smell
  • There is sediment at the bottom of your fuel tank
  • The filters and fuel lines of your generator look clogged
  • Your generator’s exhaust emits dark and noxious gases
  • The generator does not function as well as it should

When you need to have your generator checked for stale and dirty fuel, the company to call in Maryland is Clean Fuels Associates Inc. We specialize not only in tank installation and repair, but also in other services such as residential tank cleaning, commercial tank cleaning, and marine fuel services. We make it a point to also remind you of the need to have your fuel tanks and generators checked on a regular basis with the help of a maintenance plan.

Contact us for your tank repair, cleaning, and installation needs by calling 844-694-3230 and we will help you keep your backup generator from deteriorating with the help of a fuel management plan.