Fleet Fuel Management

fleet management

Fleet fuel management for large private corporations and municipalities can be a primary source of economic waste if they are mismanaged. A corporation or municipality needs to carefully monitor and maintain their fuel management system to measure and manage the use of fuel.


Large companies will utilize private fueling stations for fleets of vehicles, including railway vehicles and aircraft, for a variety of reasons. Municipalities operate a diverse fleet of utility and emergency vehicles, snow plows, school buses and more. While some of these vehicles may refuel at regular fuel stations, many municipalities operate their own fuel storage and fuel stations. These facilities use a variety of methods and technologies to track fuel inventories, fuel purchases, and any fuel dispensed. The goal is to control consumption and cost while at the same time providing data for tax and analytical purposes, as well.

Fuel maintenance is imperative for the proper operation of these facilities and can drastically affect a company’s bottom line when mishandled and neglected. Fuel is a significant investment and an asset needing protection. It is advisable to implement policies that include weekly monitoring of fuel levels and regularly scheduled fuel and tank maintenance.

Some guidelines regarding agency and corporate fuel tanks include:

  • It is suggested to order fuel when a fuel tank gets to 50 percent capacity.
  • Before an expected emergency top off tanks in anticipation of the anticipated demand.
  • Agencies and corporations are responsible for EPA compliance.

It is impossible for your business without power; it fuels your communication and transportation of goods. Most modern power is still provided by petroleum products and requires fuel and tank maintenance services to assist your businesses operations.

Managing a fleet of vehicles can be challenging, considering the vehicle maintenance and fueling cost. Any glitches in your system can be the source of monetary loss. If your business utilizes your own fueling station, it is imperative that regular tank servicing is a component of your operations. The cost is minimal, and the results are reliable. Fuel filtration and tank maintenance can also serve to prolong the life of your vehicles, ultimately improving your bottom line.

Fuel industry standards recommend that you clean your tanks annually, and may even need to polish the fuel depending upon the frequency of deliveries.

Some of the benefits of professional fuel polishing include:

  • improves lubricity and fuel performance
  • reduces fuel filter clogging
  • prevents corrosion and carbon build-up
  • minimizes harmful emissions
  • cleaner and more efficient fuel

Clean Fuels Associates has many years of qualified experience working with large corporations and municipalities. Our fuel and tank maintenance services provide proven results. Our team will work with your to formulate the best strategy, care for your fleet fuel management.

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