Don't Wait Uuntil It's Too Late

The hose or pickup line that pulls the fuel from your tank typically “hovers” about 1 – 10 inches from the bottom of your tank. When you have a full tank, gravity pushes top level fuel towards your pickup line and helps you pump good fuel. Once your fuel level gets lower, gravity no longer helps and you start to pump from the bottom of your tank, where all the contaminants and water are waiting to cause you problems.

Additionally, any time you take a fuel delivery, all those contaminants are stirred up and pushed through your fuel system. Keeping your tank bottom clean can prevent this problem. Water dispersing additives are designed to break down the water molecules so it can be burned. These additives create emulsified product that is recognized by the water separators as fuel, but to the engine it is water and leaving you with a much less efficient engine.

Using a biocide alone can cause greater problems than what you initially started with. Bacteria that is living will pass through your filters, where as dead bacteria treated with biocide will wax and clog your filters. There is a great way to get those contaminants out of your tank and disposed of properly, without dealing with nasty smelling chemical additives. You only have to make a phone call.