Do You Have- A SPCC Plan

Fuel containment plans are crucial for the prevention, and containment of oil spills especially if there is reasonable expectation that fuel could containment nearby waterways. Commonly it is referred to as a Spill Prevention, Containment and Countermeasure Plan (SPCC). SPCC plan helps to avoid potential hazardous materials affecting the surrounding environment and being polluted by petroleum products.

While Clean Fuels Associates has 24-hour emergency services, your best investment is to develop a prevention plan in case of fuel spills. Again, this is why SPCC Plans are an integral part of running a fuel-based company and keeping mission-critical facilities running. Implementing an SPCC Plan means more than effectively running your facility, it means you value employee safety and protecting the local environment.

The United State Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will periodically conduct on-site facility inspections to ensure your facility complies with the spill prevention regulations. The inspection help to ensure that all standards are in compliance with EPA regulations.

That is where Clean Fuels Associates can help. Clean Fuels can help you identify spill pathways, spill prevention procedures and help familiar employees with appropriate spill response procedures. In addition, fuel tanks need to be on a regular maintenance and inspection schedule. This helps avoid malfunctions, deteriorations and operation errors that can lead to an oil spill.

It is imperative to have a team of fuel experts that are familiar with tank systems, fuel, and regulations to help facilitate these procedures. Clean Fuels Associates prides itself in performing above OSHA standards and fully complies with all EPA regulations. Additionally, our technicians and
CDL drivers are HAZWOPER certified and HAZMAT certified.

Contact the Clean Fuels Associates today to make sure you keep your facility running the right way.