Common Causes of Diesel Fuel Issues

Common Causes of Diesel Fuel Issues

Diesel fuel is an excellent choice for industrial use, especially combined with long-lasting diesel engines.  Commercial fuel users will recognize the advantage of diesel fuel over gasoline if they understand the guidelines for protecting their investment in diesel.

Two Types of Common Problems with Diesel

It doesn’t matter if you’re a large or small player in the diesel fuel game, you need to be aware of and avoid issues with your fuel.  

Operational problems arise through uninformed fuel economy measures, rough-running, and cold-starting.  Most problems, however, are due to storage issues, including water build up in the tank.

Take Proper Fuel Economy Measures

A lot of fuel money is lost through lack of fuel economy measures.  Proper vehicle maintenance is a big issue. Keeping your diesel engine clean and eliminating deposits will help to preserve the life of your fuel, and your diesel engine.  

Diesel Fuel Storage Problems

Because diesel fuel is stored in tanks longer than gasoline, water accumulation in the tanks can be a real issue.  This happens simply from condensation that’s generated when the temperature shifts from day to night, so there’s not a lot that can be done to prevent it.  

Controlling the water buildup after the fact means that microbes do not have the chance to form in the fuel.  If they are not controlled, they will end up doing damage to the fuel and clogging filters and damaging fuel storage tanks.  Damage to storage tanks may take thousands of dollars to remediate.

How to Avoid Diesel Fuel Issues

Having a service like Clean Fuels that looks after their fuel reserves and maintains them for you is well worth it.  Contact us today to prevent financial losses due to diesel fuel issues that can be prevented. We’ll make sure that your fuel delivery is clean and stays clean.