Cold Weather Diesel Fuel Tips

Cold Weather Diesel Fuel Tips

When the weather turns cold, all fuels are not created equally. While diesel fuel has some real advantages over gasoline, lower temperatures can bring some special challenges to diesel fuel, both in storage tanks and in vehicles. Clean Fuels Associates, Inc. solves those challenges for diesel fuel customers. Let’s take a look at what this means to the diesel consumer.

Winter Maintenance for Diesel Fuel

Unlike gasoline, diesel fuel has a tendency to freeze in cold weather.  This causes what is known as “gelling.”  Once this waxy gel starts to accumulate, it will clog fuel filters and cause problems with diesel engines.  It’s important to begin your diesel fuel maintenance plan while the fuel is still in the tank. 

Get Your Diesel Fuel Treated in Winter

Although there are several methods of treating your diesel fuel in winter, the easiest and least costly is to have it treated while still in the tank.  The folks at Clean Fuels Associates are able to provide the professional treatment necessary to ensure the quality of your fuel year-round.  Prevention is the best course of action, so get your diesel fuel treated early in the season.

Other Methods of Dealing with Gelling in Your Diesel Fuel

There are other methods of dealing with the winter effects of gelling in your diesel fuel, but they take a backseat to early treatment.  You can mix your supply of diesel fuel with #1 diesel, or with kerosene, but this tends to be costly, and can decrease the efficiency of the fuel.

Continuous heating of the fuel can melt the waxy gelling, and enable the fuel to flow, but this isn’t always effective. A lot depends on the ability of the heater to handle the job, in terms of temperature and quantity of fuel. For that reason, heating is not as dependable of a method as early treatment.

If your company uses diesel fuel, and you’d like us to do an analysis and treat your fuel for winter use, contact Clean Fuels Associates today, and set up an appointment.  Don’t wait until gelling occurs in your diesel supply!  We can help you keep things running year-round!

Protect Your Diesel Fuel in the Winter Months with Clean Fuels Associates

During the cold winter months, gelling can be a problem for diesel fuel in storage tanks and in diesel engines. To avoid damaging your engine or wasting your fuel, your best course of action is to prepare ahead of time with fuel treatments by Clean Fuels Associations to guarantee the quality of your fuel on a year-round basis. To learn more about our products and services, Contact Us online or give us a call at 844-694-3230. Clean Fuels Associates Inc. has the solution to your gelling issues with diesel fuel.