Clean Fuel Can Save Lives

Clean fuel can save lives by making sure mission critical business and facilities have the necessary backup power they need in case of emergencies, disasters or power outages. Among those are, Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) which are vitally important and need a consistent and reliable backup power supply.

In today’s ASCs, there are machines that cannot tolerate a second of interrupted power without potentially putting patients’ lives in jeopardy. Enter the NFPA 110, Standard for Health Care Facilities. The NFPA 110 legally requires that certain regulations on backup power be met consistently across the country. NFPA 110 regulations touch on topics from the length of time in which a backup emergency power supply is required to maintain reliable power to the quality of emergency backup power available.

Clean Fuels Associates has a large presence in the backup power supply world. With years of knowledge and expertise implementing the NFPA 110 regulations, Clean Fuels’ presence has helped to establish a safe standard of backup power supplies throughout the Eastern United States. With their routine fuel maintenance, Clean Fuels makes certain that generator fuel at surgery centers can be appropriately maintained over the months and years that the generators sit unused. When lives are at stake, Clean Fuels Associates can help.