Buying a Home With a Underground Oil Tank

Buying a Home With an Underground Oil Tank

Everyone is excited about buying a home. However, it is essential for a prospective homeowner to check for potential perils on the property before completing the sale. That includes checking for an underground oil tank, which is a potential safety hazard. Before the 1960s, homeowners heated oil to warm their homes on a daily basis. Many homes built in that era contain underground oil tanks, some of which are no longer in use. Those tanks remain a potential hazard, so you should have them inspected and cleared by Clean Fules Associates, Inc. before completing the sale.

What Type of Underground Oil Tank Does the Property Have?

If the home you’re buying has is still heated by oil, chances are good there is an underground oil tank on the property. That is where your heating oil is stored when you have an active tank. If you have an active underground oil tank on your property, get an insurance policy to cover it, and any liability that may arise from it.

If the heating system has been converted to another method and no longer uses heating oil, the tank will be referred to as abandoned or decommissioned. An oil tank that’s been left may or may not have been properly decommissioned.  When you’re having the house inspected, you need to have the soil around the tank tested and buy insurance as soon as you go through settlement.

What Should You Do with an Inactive Underground Tank?

You have two options to eliminate the potential hazard and liability in this situation.  Call us at Clean Fuels, and we can drain the tank and fill it in. This successfully decommissions it. If you prefer, we can remove it. If you are considering buying a home with an underground fuel tank, we can help you with testing before you make a decision to decommission or remove the underground tank.

Risks of Underground Oil Tanks

You don’t want to ignore an underground oil tank. The risks are too high. Any leak may contaminate your soil or even the water.  If this happens, that is a health hazard and it will cost you thousands of dollars to clean up. If the leak extends to a neighbor’s property, you leave yourself open to a crippling lawsuit.  Tank insurance will only cover a portion of damages.

In addition to financial losses, you can’t overlook the environmental impact of an underground oil tank.  Even if we inspect it for you before you buy, leaks can occur at any time, and a clean inspection is only good for that day.

When you find out that the home you want to buy has an underground oil tank, call us at Clean Fuels right away and let us inspect the tank and test the soil.  After that, we can make a recommendation for further action.  We’re your underground oil tank specialist, and we’re here to help! 

Let Clean Fuels Associates Inspect or Remove Your Underground Oil Tank

Underground oil tanks can be dangerous, regardless of whether they are active or abandoned. No homeowner wants leakage from an underground oil tank contaminating the soil and water at his or her property. For safety reasons, Clean Fuels can inspect, drain, fill in or remove the tank to protect your property from a decommissioned fuel tank. An active tank comes with its own set of liabilities, and we can inspect it for insurance purposes. When you need our services, Contact Us online or give us a call at 844-694-3230 to let Clean Fuels Associates Inc. inspect and address any issues related to your underground oil tank to make your property safer.