Backup Generators for Data Centers

Backup Generators For Data Centers

Today’s modern business world depends on data centers to both regulate and store valuable digital information. Data centers are facilities used to house computer systems and components that contain databases and cloud data. These include; telecommunications for satellite communications, phone systems, storage systems, internet providers, ATMs and more. Data centers may also accommodate backup power controls, redundant data connections, or HVAC and security controls. An interruption in power could prove detrimental to several organizations at once. Therefore the importance of backup generators for data centers is mission critical for proper operation. Additionally, specific protocols ensure the function of the generators. Failure to comply with backup generator maintenance could mean the complete breakdown of a data center and loss of client data. Here are the necessary steps to make sure data centers operate continually.

Function of Backup Generators

The power components of a data center include the backup generator, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), internal power supplies,  and a power distribution unit (PDU) to name a few. The purpose of the backup generator is to provide power when there is an interruption of central power. Sensitive data center components do not easily tolerate power spikes, especially when switching from a normal to an emergency power supply. When these elements lose power (if only for a fraction of a second), they require a total restart. This may allow for system down times, startup issues, even a loss of information.

Back-Up Power is Vital to Operation

Data center downtime is one of the biggest fears of any data center manager. Data centers can experience downtime for several reasons. For instance, poor weather such as a massive storm or a natural disaster could potentially knock the power out in the area in which the data center resides. Problems with the stored generator fuel or tanks may cause a backup power system failure. Therefore it is imperative that the fuel and fuel storage tanks are adequately maintained.

A Backup for the Backup

To further ensure functionality and safety all critical data center information it is vital that there is a backup for the backup system. Because of the valuable stored information many data centers employ a redundant backup system. The redundant power supply further supports the data center and all of its components without a single point of failure. Therefore, should a power outage occur, the data center will remain fully functional.

Maintenance for Backup Power Generators

The importance of backup generators for data centers is paramount. As stated before, proper management of fuel and containers for backup power generators is vital to the continuous, uninterrupted operation. The worst time to realize there is an issue with stored fuel is during an emergency. Contact Clean Fuels Associates for an evaluation of your fuel and tanks for a fuel maintenance program. Our tank cleaning and fuel polishing services are a must when it comes to worry-free data center operation.