Assisted Living Facilities Backup Generator

Backup Generators for Assisted Living Facilities

Many people think of backup generators as an option. They might even view them as a luxury item. But in many cases, they can be a matter of life or death. They may even be required by law. Many states have recently passed legislation requiring nursing homes and assisted living facilities to maintain backup generator provisions for their facility.


Maryland Leading the Charge for Backup Generators in Nursing Homes

Internet news is full of articles about the assisted living/backup generator crisis in Florida, and the inability of individual facilities to stay in compliance. Considering the climate in Florida, it makes sense that they have put legislation in place to protect residents who are living in these facilities.

It may surprise you to learn, however, that Maryland was actually the first state in the US to pass legislation requiring nursing homes and assisted living facilities to protect residents through backup generator power. Neighboring Virginia just passed similar legislation in 2019. Effective in 2009, Maryland passed its requirements for these facilities.


What are the Backup Generator Legal Requirements?

The Maryland legislation applies to facilities of fifty or more residents. It requires them to have an emergency generator, a set and prime mover, on the premises with automatic transfer and other specifications, as noted in the law. Generators must be up to full power within 10 seconds of a power loss.

Additionally, it has the requirement that fuel be stored on-site to power the generator for a minimum of 48 hours of operation.

The emergency power generator must be tested once a month, with the results of the test recorded in a particular logbook, used only for that purpose. Fuel levels in storage must be monitored and recorded after each test.


Generators Provide Safety and Security for Assisted Living Residents

Although this may seem like a reasonably strict regulation for nursing homes to bear, but when it comes to protecting this most vulnerable section of our society, safety and security come first. Consider that many nursing homes have the requirement for patients to be relocated when a power outage lasts for more than thirty minutes. Compared to this daunting task, especially for more extensive facilities, generators are the ideal answer to this specific problem.


Making it Easier for Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities to Stay in Compliance

When a senior living facility partners with Clean Fuels Associates, maintaining compliance with current code, and protecting residents from unexpected power outages become much more manageable. Maintaining proper levels of clean, usable fuel takes the worry out of caring for seniors when these power outages occur. Having a reliable generator, and a plan for its use, make all the difference. One simple call can reassure facility management, and countless families, that those within the walls of the senior housing that they call home are safe and secure.

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