About Us


Clean Fuels Associates, Inc. was co-founded in 1986 by William Hartman and partners. Since opening we have continuously been the local leader in state-of-the-art fuel cleaning technology.

Our story begins with Boats. Boat owners have always had problems with condensation build up in their tanks which would lead to water running through their motor. The cost of cleaning with the old methods did not provide the return on investment. Generally, it would have been cheaper to buy a new tank. New cleaning methods and technologies were needed to ensure that these tanks were cleaned without the costly and hazardous practice of removing or entering fuel tanks.

As this technology was developed it was recognized that we could remove much more than water. We found that we were also able to remove the particles and bacteria which build up in diesel fuel tanks. Since the new method involved filtering the fuel to remove all impurities, this rejuvenating process was making engines and equipment generate more environmentally friendly emissions.

As time went by more and more benefits were discovered with updated fuel polishing methods such as Ethanol removal and preventing the reduction of gasoline oxidation.

Today the company is owned entirely by the Hartman family and is moving in the direction of national service. It is our hope to become the leader in green technologies to help encourage the best methods of energy use.

Clean Fuels Associates, Inc. aims to clean and maintain every Fuel storage tank in America safely, efficiently and to the customer’s satisfaction.

The first year I used Clean Fuels Associates for all of my campus fuel tank cleanings and it was the first time ever that we did not have to go back and clean dirty fuel filters on our heating and generator equipment. This also cut down on night and weekend call-ins by 90% and save the campus a large amount of money.
– Thomas Smith, University of New Hampshire, Sr. Facilities Manager

Whenever I see a Clean Fuels Certification on the gas pump, I know the station I’m buying from actually cares about what goes in my tank and the environment!
– Steven Rochna, Auto Retail Customer, Virginia Beach, VA