It is a dirty business, and we are here to clean it up.

The Clean Fuels Assurance

means that your fuel is prepared for all the back up and emergency scenarios that do occur. Assuring all systems and facilities will maintain optimal function levels during the harshest of conditions.



Fuel Filtration and Polishing Services

Clean Fuel’s unique Filter Flush System is designed to extract impurities while cycling filtered and clean fuel back into storage unit. Fuel Filtration is a cost saving alternative versus disposal and replacement.


It is imperative that fuel storage companies use fuel testing and sampling services. There are a host of issues that can arise when storing fuel for extended periods of time, such as bacteria and fungus overgrowth.


fuel disposal vacuum truck services

Clean Fuels is one of the most recognized vacuum truck companies in the industry. Providing vac pump off and haul away services of “Class 3” hazardous waste, such as gasoline, diesel, and jet propulsion fuel.



US Army Corps of Engineers
University of Maryland
United States Postal Service
United States Federal Reserve
Sam's Club
Naval Facilities Engineering Command
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Homeland Security
Hewlett Packard


  • NYC Boiler Fuel Regulations
    Update to NYC Boiler Fuel Regulations
    UPDATE TO NYC BOILER FUEL REGULATIONS According to the New York State Department of Conservation as of April 2011, New York City adopted new boiler fuel regulations. It required owners of at least 10,000 buildings within the city to convert from using #6 and #4 heating oil to a cleaner...
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  • Leaking Underground Storage Tank
    Leaking Underground Storage Tank
    LEAKING UNDERGROUND STORAGE TANK A leaking underground storage tank (LUST) occurs when a fuel product is released from an underground...
  • Hurricane Preparedness Procedures
    Hurricane Preparedness Procedures
    A successful disaster or hurricane preparedness plan is crucial for businesses that operate around the clock, especially mission critical facilities....
  • fleet management
    Fleet Fuel Management
    FLEET FUEL MANAGEMENT Fleet fuel management for large private corporations and municipalities can be a primary source of economic waste...

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